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Destroy your Internet Marketing income earning potential

I saw a site which made me a little angry.

But for the most part I was laughing at the foolishness of the person.

Around 352pm, a nameless blogger put up this page:

Leaked Auto Blog Income Generator

Of course, I was concerned that he listed the download link for Ewen Chia’s Auto Blog Income Generator.

I got some help translating it.

Leaked Ewen Chia Auto Blog Income Generator

It says something to the effect that “a famous Internet Marketer was selling this and now it’s yours for free. You can go to the download page and get a copy.”

I don’t understand the logic of this individual, except that he’s not all there in the business sense.

I figured the intent of Internet Marketing was, and still is, to generate income from our online endeavors.

If giving away an income source floats your boat, then all the power to the blogger.

My idea of investing in Internet Marketing tools and software is that you’re acquiring the tools to catch your own fish.

I don’t see the point in giving away your fishing rod, your fishing line, your tackle to everyone who walks by.

Is there a point to this?

If the person was thinking they were ‘cheating the system’, they were only cheating themselves.

Because in the process they might’ve shortchanged me to some extent, but ultimately they’ve shortchanged themsef.

All this illustrates the naivete of many who enter Internet Marketing.

Sure all of us would like to be the next Google, Yahoo! or Amazon.

However, how many really cut it?

Can a giveaway model work?

They weren’t even building a list. Just using blogger to engage in questionable activities.

Here’s a first lesson for the wayward blogger.

A successful business model needs to be:

  • Financially viable: You have to make profit at some point, even if you’re bleeding funds in the beginning.
  • Sustainable: You need to have a model that works in the long term. Not just 1,000 Made-for-Adsense sites that are cataclymically affected every time Google changes its search algorithm.
  • Scalable: It must expand as the business expands. Can it become a household product globally?

It’s only when you incoporate all three elements into your business planning process that you’d see results.

And with the results, impressive returns.

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