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DigitalKeiretsu.com Strategies workshop a smashing success

It’s not often that Internet people meet up, so I decided to do a small experiment.

I posted a thread in my DigitalKeiretsu.com forum: DigitalKeiretsu.com strategy training for Internet Money Secrets announcing a workshop which would bring together 4 Internet Marketing specialists.

If it worked out, I would continue to organise a series of Internet marketing-related training for the DigitalKeiretsu group.

This is a series of workshops intended to help increase the level of skill incompetency of the DigitalKeiretsu members who have a wide range of skill levels from beginner to intermediate.

I’m glad I did.

Last night’s session was a smashing success!

DigitalKeiretsu.com strategies workshop crowd

Alief (AliefHamdani.com) talking to Angie and Chi. Should a Body Combat Instructor be caught eating junk food on camera? Hmm…

Besides myself the other trainers were:

  • Rachit Dayal
  • Garry Lee
  • Ryan Chua

Topics that were covered included:

  • traffic generation
  • forum strategies
  • a comprehensive overview of pay per click advertising
  • the Internet Marketing mindset

Here’re some highlights from my presentation on the Five Approaches to Internet marketing:

  • Head vs Heart: Does your communication content mainly from the head (intellectual, factual) or from the heart (emotional, sentimental). Does this work for your audience? Would a blend between the two approaches be even more effective?
  • Grow a business versus short-term profits: are you in Internet marketing for the long haul and are you willing to take a loss if it means being able to retain a customer or would you rather take a profit and potentially lose a customer?
  • Problem-based or solution based (This could be the most critical towards your Internet marketing success): Do you constantly seen obstacles in your path and does that the get you disheartened? Or do you merely see challenges to be overcome on a path to growth and profit?

DigitalKeiretsu.com Strategies Garry Lee

Internet Marketing traffic specialist Garry Lee speaks to Shikin and Liz Tan.

It was a good idea to cap the workshop size to 12 participants because we had a great level of interaction and many of the participants got a lot of one-on-one time with the trainers.

As Internet marketers we’re often working in isolation, and I plan to continue conducting a series of workshops to enhance the sense of community and build skills and strategies for the DigitalKeiretsu members.

Here’s to the next session!

DigitalKeiretsu.com Strategies trainers

Left to right: Andrew Wee, Rachit Dayal, Garry Lee, Ryan Chua

For those who’re interested, some of the presentations were taped and will be available at a later date.

3 comments on DigitalKeiretsu.com Strategies workshop a smashing success

  1. Chee Shan
    October 18, 2006 at 7:53 pm (5298 days ago)

    Well done Andrew!

    Do count me in once I’m back in Singapore!

  2. yich
    October 19, 2006 at 7:59 am (5298 days ago)

    Yeah. Same here!

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