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Can you make $50,000 a month with emailing?

Ok, that title is linkbait because I have contacts who are already doing that and hitting 6-figure months about half the time.

Using emailing as a traffic source, your 2 most important factors affecting open rates are:

  • Your email subject
  • Your “From” or sender field

If you have those two down, half the battle is already won.

While some continue to use long-form emails, consider going with simpler emails – a small banner or graphic, together with benefits-driven body copy will get you the clickthrough to your landing page.

If you’re matching the intent of your list with the offer, you should see average conversion rates of above 10%. Comparing this to average conversion rates of 2% to 8% (peaking at about 10-15%) using other types of traffic, including PPC search network.

It’s little wonder that email affiliates were considered some of the best affiliates at the networks where I was doing affiliate manager work.

Emailing can provide volume (once you’ve built the list) with good conversions leading to great ROIs, especially once you know what you’re doing.

It can be a little tough getting started though, especially with choosing the right ESP (email service provider).

Though I have used and promoted Aweber, GetResponse in the past,their pricing seems to have got out of control in recent years. A ESP service serving 10,000 subscribers costs $600 per year? Seems pretty outrageous.

I’ve been looking at working on projects using my own email client and riding on Amazon’s SES (Simple Email Service) delivery infrastructure, which will keep things in control.

So it was great to see a thread on AffPlaybook outlining strategies to achieve $50,000 a month in revenue with emailing.

The first thing that the senior member strikenr does is to set up the email system, including how you capture the email opt-ins, and present offers. While it may look simple for those following the tutorial thread, it’s probably taken a fair amount of testing to see what works and how to layer the components together and work out the sequence.

He gives a sample for a simple opt-in page, which aims for a 3% clickthrough rate. If you’re familiar with optimization strategies, you’ll understand how he choose the text on his submit button.

Once you have achieved some level of critical mass on your list, you can direct them to high quality content on your site, and send targeted offers to the list. Strikenr cites an example where a mail generated $1,500 in commissions.

He’s also worked out a system where he doesn’t have to offer a free report or ebook as opt-in bait and it ties in with his promotion. There are also opt-ins to doing only pop-ups to collect leads, so he does some comparison of alternate strategies to collect the email.

Although strikenr himself is diversifying into other traffic sources and offer promotion strategies, I can see how his methods and his detailed walkthrough can still work if adapted to other channels.

So, yes, if you copy his method verbatim, you will probably fail.

But if you take some of those basic strategies and apply them towards collecting opt-ins on Facebook using the various paid or viral promotion methods and use alternative traffic sources with a low CPM cost, like RTB (real-time bidding), you can get similar results.

There is work involved, you will need a budget for testing his system and the rewards can provide a steadier stream of income versus just doing an arbitrage campaign.

You can find strikenr’s thread on AffPlaybook by looking for “My guide to making $50k a month”.

And if you’re not an AffPlaybook member yet, you can sign up using my discount link: AffPlaybook discount code link.

You can also read my AffPlaybook product review.

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