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Best Web Publicity? Go The Content Route With Fake Steve

Launching a new product? A new book? Or a new product? If it’s mass consumer-related, you might want to take a leaf out of FakeSteve (Jobs) book, Options.

Fake Steve Jobs (AKA Forbes senior editor Dan Lyons) has been penning the Fake Steve satirical blog of the Apple co-founder to the bemusement of folks in the Valley. With potrayals of Microsoft boss Bill Gates as “Beastmaster Bill” (both Bill and the real Steve are fans of the blog), it’s garnered nothing less than a rabid following.


The blog contains nuggets of Silicon Valley life, like the recent entry “Java Developers Finally Realize The Party’s Over“:

But I think they don’t quite know which party they’re talking about. See this screed where some Javatard says Apple has been spitting in his face because we didn’t include Java 6 in Leopard. Or something. So he says he’s selling his Mac. His headline is, “So long, Apple. The party’s over.” Well he’s right about one thing. The party is over — the Java party, that is. Glad to see the Javatards have finally figured that out.

The pithy entries, are as amusing as the videos like “No Violence, But Clearly An IP Violation

WebProNews conducted an interview with FakeSteve in conjunction with the launch of the new 248-page “Options” penned by FakeSteve, here’s an excerpt of an interview WebProNews did with FakeSteve:

1) The black turtlenecks you wear – humble article of well-made clothing, or a divine right conveyed upon you by the higher power that inspires gadgets like the iPod and the iPhone?

The former. I view my outfit as a form of monk’s robes. The idea is to abolish vanity and express my humility so that I can focus completely on my art. All I want to do is create beautiful objects. That is the only thing I want to think about. Not trivial things like clothing.


If anything, this is a classic case study that strong content can bring you to high places…

Now on with beautiful objects and creating things…

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