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Crash, boom, Internet bang

My blog output has been hit by a number of things:

  • My Fujitsu Lifebook laptop suddenly decided i’d be working her too hard, and decided to take a vacation. She refused to boot up on me at 3pm yesterday. Appears the motherboard is faulty and the guys had to keep it overnight, despite the fact that I mentioned I’d needed it for ‘mission critical’ project work (eg. blogging 3-4 times a day). They didn’t bite.

Oh well.

  • My backup machine, the AMD desktop hard disk is on perpetual seek. The orange hard disk seek light flashes more often than the strobes at a Castro disco on YMCA night. Oh well, part 2. Well, it’s an incentive to finally load GIMP and the google toolbar on this machine I guess.

Some minor posting disruptions, but nothing too severe.

Yesterday was the best Alexa day ever too. (perhaps the Kineda effect?).

Alexa WhoIsAndrewWee.com

Alexa WhoIsAndrewWee.com

I’d normally make an astrology-related wisecrack. But I don’t know enough to come up with anything spectacular.

So here goes.

Orion ascendant.”

I told you so.

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