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Earl Grey – MVP blogger 2010

If FinchSells was the breath of fresh air in the internet marketing blog space in 2009, then I think Earl Grey (owner of the syndyk8 black hat SEO forum) is in the running, together with MrGreen for most useful blog in 2010.

I’d heard of syndyk8 (reminds me of that old RTS PC game where you move 5 gangsters around the screen and blow people away) at WickedFire since about 2006, though I’ve not joined the forum. At the moment it’s set to admin-approval, so it might not be the easiest to get in.

But you might like to check out the blog, especially since Earl’s making a go at blogging every day for the past week. I’m guessing each post is about 30-45minute of effort and the fact that he’s blunt and in-your-face is a which is a welcome break from some of the other blogs you might read.

Although it’s labelled a blackhat SEO blog, I read it more for the biz management/strategy elements he shares. (I’m making an assumption that Earl is a guy).

Whether it’s by default or design, blog comments require user registration before posting a comment is allowed, which in my experience reduces interactivity.

Wondering where to start? I thought the fact that he places a monetary value on his communities, has an exit strategy in mind, places him ahead of many webmasters who’re only focused on immediate arbitrage opportunities.

So check out: “Building your business or community on facebook? No you aren’t, dickhead” (may not redirect correctly because of his secure HTTP cert. In which case, scroll through his blog entries).

I don’t think building a community on a third-party domain is a good idea, unless you can get an opt-in or get some control over sending communication to your followers, which ties in to the idea of building your own asset, rather than merely grow Twitter or Facebook’s userbase.

4 comments on Earl Grey – MVP blogger 2010

  1. Profit Addiction
    June 1, 2010 at 11:33 am (3648 days ago)

    Just letting you know Andrew, the link to Earl Grey in the first paragraph returns a 404 error, and also you wrote “Early” in the title.

  2. Andrew Wee
    June 1, 2010 at 11:57 am (3648 days ago)

    Hey Jeremy,
    Thanks for being my blog entry checker.
    Some of it has to do with the secure HTTP cert on his server.

    I take full responsibility for the typo.

  3. Profit Addiction
    June 2, 2010 at 1:00 am (3648 days ago)

    No problem, bill is in the mail! ;)

  4. Andrew Wee
    June 2, 2010 at 2:10 pm (3647 days ago)

    Sorry, the dog ate the email.

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