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No blog is an island: resources to grow and thrive

I’m constantly asked, what happens if I run out of things to say on my blog.

I admit it can be quite challenging to have to come out with original content on your blog every day. (I’m assuming you don’t do an excessive amount of RSS reposts on your blog).

You want to continue to grow your blog community. As the same time, you need to balance the amount of time you spend creating content and balancing out the time required to:

  • Generate traffic
  • Refine contextual advertising (like Google Adsense) placement stategies
  • Answer blog comments
  • Research affiliate marketing programs
  • Improve your blog site structure
  • List it on blog directories
  • Analyze and continually improve your post content

And on top of that, you might consider increasing your posting frequently to twice or thrice a day!

How do you manage?

Things are always easier when you tap on additional resources.

If you are intent on doing full time blogging, you cannot expect to blog in isolation.

Checking out major blogs in your space helps. Reading their content regularly helps you bring your blogging to a new level.

If you are looking to enhance your blogging skills, check out:

  • Neil Patel’s 5 ways to building a better blog and Optimizing your blog for search engines
  • Reference to Neil’s posts first appeared in Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger post: 5 ways to building a better blog
  • The Daily Plug is still in it’s infancy and looks like it isn’t used by many bloggers yet. A free PR2 backlink for 24 hours? Can we say opportunity?
  • Google for blogs in your target industry. Check them out. Make friends. Expand your network. Likely readers will cross over both ways between blogs. This can only help grow the community.
  • Be a friend. Give links freely. Pay it forwards. You’ll be surprised how it comes back to you many times multiplied!

Most importantly, go forth and prosper.

2 comments on No blog is an island: resources to grow and thrive

  1. Alex Sin
    September 16, 2006 at 11:05 am (5243 days ago)

    Well, I guess it pays to be proactive….

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