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Kindle writing challenge

Have you ever have a project that you wanted to get out because it’ll be good for you, but you’re just keeping busy with other projects?

I have been planning to get back to writing fiction for the Kindle platform for the longest time, but consulting work, affiliate campaigns and other stuff kept getting in the way.

So here is something exciting to put out as a challenge.

I read this post about a USA Today bestselling author who writes just 500 words a day. Every day.

So I’m working out a system to write a 20,000 word fiction book in 40 days (ie: 500 words/day).

I created a Google Doc to track my progress.
It has some features like tracking my progress on a daily, weekly and macro goal basis.

I also have the flexibility to bust my weekly goals, but the next week’s goals are reset to 3,500 again, so it has features to avoid stuff like being super productive for a week or two then letting stuff die after that.

You’re welcome to copy it and use it in your own work too.

Now here’s the interesting part.

I’ve set up weekly goals of 3,500 words per week.
My challenge is that I will achieve those word goals each week, for 6 weeks and have a draft at the end of it.

If I miss one of those goals, I’ll pay out $1,000.
Haven’t worked out the payment mechanics yet. If you have a suggestion, post in the comments and let me know.

So, yeah, based on $1,000 per week, and 6 weeks in the challenge, I’m putting $6,000 on the line. (Yes, you guys qualify for this).

Important: If you would like some cash, be sure to share this post via Facebook to qualify for the cash if I mess up.

Some strategies I’m working on:
1) Achieving the weekly goal earlier than day 7!
2) Week 1,2 should be the easy weeks. Week 3,4 will be more challenging and week 5,6 is where I’ll need to work on a strong finish.

The g-doc will be updated in real-time as I complete each stage of the challenge. You can see my word count at each stage and also some periodic updates here. (I’m planning on weekly updates).

PS: It’s always good to eat your own dog food.

If you’re interested, I’m following the Kindling system, developed by Geoff Shaw. It is a comprehensive Kindle book writing training program which comes up with getting the idea for plots, planning your work, formatting it so it conforms to Kindle’s book specs, and how to promote your stuff once it’s ready.

If you’re interested in creating a business from writing and marketing books on Amazon’s platform, be sure to check out Kindling.

It’s good.

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