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Need to Succeed 060727


didnt get everything done last night, esp the emails. just plain collapsed from exhaustion.

so i picked up the pieces this morning. i realize that refining it further requires setting a time frame to each of those tasks. in an earlier incarnation of today’s tasks, i realized i’d need abt 12.5 hrs to finish everything. gee….

i guess a UHP time audit is powerful stuff!

Priority 1 goals
1) follow up with prospects to rosyth residence (4hrs)
2) look/start setup for website for andrewwproperty.com (2hrs)
3) read btonline property articles. (1hr)
4) set up sat viewing appts for pte apt client (1hr)

total time: 8hrs

1) blog update (30mins)
2) clean up upsizemycash.com (30mins)
3) follow up on affiliate payment for blogging software (15mins)
4) spend cleaning/managing paperwork (1hr)
5) spend 30mins visit blogs/forums (30mins)
6) documentation for UHP Lite (30mins)

7) get google sitemaps plugin for wordpress and install (1hr)
total time: 4hrs15mins
looks like i got 12h15mins planned for today!

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