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Friday Podcast Episode 22: Internet Business Building: Strategies Vs Tools

From what’s being posted on blogs and forums, one might think that most Internet marketers are focusing on the wrong things. It could be a major stumbling block if not identified and refocused.

What do you think?

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Internet Business Building From The Ground Up

separate tools vs strategy.

software, widget, ebook, dvd

help you get where you want.


Strategy: plan, roadmap.

  • defines what you plan to do
  • what your financial targets are.(budget, profit)
  • contingency/worst case scenario “Plan B” and”Plan C”

The Trend: overemphasis on tools

Can get to your goal with strategy, but no tools (automate process, speed up a task)

Cannot get to your goal with tools and no strategy, no game plan.

Lot of forums – discussing the best software, actually focusing on best game plan gives you more mileage.

Even if you have the fastest, long-range high tech plane, you’ll never get to your destination if you fly in the wrong direction…
In this situation, a $5 road map which you can purchase in any gas station will get you there.

Bottomline: Stop with focus on tools, focus on your game plan.

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