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eBook Creation Secrets Update

eBook Creation SecretsI just got word from my blog reader, Jennifer Wee, that the price of Publish for Profit has been raised to $146.97.

Which I can imagine my blog readers who had bought it at between $6 and $15 laughing all the way to the bank.

Publish for Profit creator Louis Burleson is employing a time-based pricing method to price the book. It goes up by $0.05 every 30 minutes.

By tomorrow, the price would break $150 easily.

You can check it out here: Publish for Profit launch

The good news, however, is that the other very good book, eBook Creation Secrets is still available and it’s priced at about $12.

It’s also priced on a time-based pricing system and it’ll eventually hit the same levels as Publish for Profit.

If you missed the review I did yesterday, you can check it out:

–> eBook Creation Secrets Launched
This is an interesting social experiment because the fair price value is likely at the $47 mark. And Louis has included an interesting incentive.

Besides getting the ebook, you will also get:

The Privilege to Promote my custom affiliate link and earn 100% instant commissions from every sale made through that link.

Yes, you read it correctly. 100% instant commissions paid to your PayPal account.
This is one of the few products where you’ll not only get a lot of insider information on creating your own eBook, but you’ll also recover your investment with your first sale.

[PS: If you are planning to do any information product creation, this eBook is a must have]
If you haven’t already got it, what’re you waiting for?

–> eBook Creation Secrets

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