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Mike Filsamie’s Death Of Internet Marketing Unleashed!

Death of Internet MarketingInternet Marketing guru Mike Filsamie has just launched his ‘Death of Internet Marketing’ report.

It’s marketed similarly to the “Death of Adsense” which I couldn’t bring myself to read because the title turned me off.

I wanted to give Mike a chance though, because I’m on several of his mailing lists and the things he says makes sense to me.

I downloaded the report and my observations are as follows:

  • Internet Marketing newbies will find the information to be a useful primer to go beyond the “single business proprietor business model” which new Internet Marketers find themselves in.
  • Experienced Internet Marketers will find that the report’s a useful summary of principles they already know and perhaps pick up an idea of two.

I won’t use the sales copy that Mike provided, but rather tell you what I found useful about the report.

Two concepts stand out for me:

  • The Skulls: Which are a form of ‘Mastermind Groups’ where Secrets Societies of small Internet Marketing networks can band together for greater effectiveness. You’ve probably had an inkling that the Internet Marketing big guns are frequently banding together for joint ventures and promotions. Mike gives you some info and strategies about this.
  • The Bulldozer approach: A variation of the long tail. The Bulldozer approach “being slow and steady is likely to crush the Product Launch in the long run”.
  • The Big Pinch approach: You never saw it coming. (ok, it’s 3 concepts…)

It’s a free download and you get $1 for each referral you bring in. PLUS there’s an additional sweetener that Mike introduces that could make it very interesting. I’m not supposed to disclose it, but it’s something you can employ immediately from the members area.

I know the title “Death of Internet Marketing” is a bit of a turnoff (perhaps intentionally so!), but once you get past that, you can harvest Mike’s knowledge.

Download it now:

–> Mike Filsamie “Death of Internet Marketing”

9 comments on Mike Filsamie’s Death Of Internet Marketing Unleashed!

  1. WebMaster ToolBox
    November 12, 2006 at 12:37 pm (5092 days ago)

    Doesnt seem to be working for me.

    I registered. Got the first email. Said to check the second email with the activation code but I never got the second email.

    What’s up with that? =/

  2. Paulie Sabol
    November 12, 2006 at 1:17 pm (5092 days ago)

    This is a useful summary for folks. Nice blogpost, shows you read the darn thing.



  3. kanG
    November 12, 2006 at 10:52 pm (5092 days ago)

    Webmaster you might have to wait abit for the second email. Got me puzzled at first as well.

    Anyway yeah, it was a great report and I was quite surprised at the quality of the content as well.

  4. Rick
    November 12, 2006 at 11:57 pm (5092 days ago)

    Before promoting a giveaway you really need to go through the sign up process. Like WebMaster ToolBox, I found the process to download the “Death of Internet Marketing” in disarray.

    The lack of order created two lasting impressions. First, Mike Filsamie pushes way too hard. Second, my trust in your judgement has slipped.

  5. ethan
    November 13, 2006 at 12:10 am (5092 days ago)

    Dear Andrew,
    I download the ebook and I must say that it is an excellent book. Covers the fundamentals of doing business as well. A great way of obtaining market demand at a cheap price if you ask me. Small wonder that he has come so far in the internet marketing scene

  6. Dustin Bow
    November 13, 2006 at 1:36 am (5092 days ago)

    Hi Andrew,
    Great post. I agree, it really shows you read the download… (I posted the pre-made blog review, with some changes of course) I’ll have to rethink that strategy next time!
    Anyway – really love the blog.


  7. Andrew Wee
    November 13, 2006 at 2:03 am (5092 days ago)

    Sorry you had the delay in getting the second email.
    I hear that the servers might have been jammed when thousands of applications were happening simultaneously.

    I think this is an issue endemic to all internet marketers releasing new reports. inevitably some requests are not processed.

    You might have received your 2nd email now. But if not, Mike’s at this thread at “conquer your niche” and he can give you a direct answer:

    Richard: I know you’re one of my most ardent supporters, and I’m sorry to hear about your difficulty.

    I signed up for the download about an hour before I blogged about it.
    I got my 2nd email fairly speedily, and skimmed through it for a while before blogging about it.

    I feel that as with anything else, some people will like it, some will hate it and many will not have any feelings whatsoever.

    Perhaps the download congestion has eased somewhat and you may have got the email. Failing which, perhaps you could try the download again?

    PS: regarding our requests to our web hosting providers about expecting a surge in traffic, I think the webhosts can do their best to be prepared, but if demand is overwhelming (think of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show), it’s nigh impossible to cope with the demand…

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