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Friday Podcast Episode 23: The Bootstrap Mentality Will Cripple Your Business…

…And a possible cure.

bootstrap mentality

This edition of the Friday Podcast focuses on possibly pitfalls for the budding Internet Marketer.

Jump across this chasm that faces almost every business owner and you’ll be shooting for the stars.

Detailed notes follow, click on the “more” tab:


PPC Classroom Product Review – A No-BS Review

Note: Click here for the latest PPC Classroom 2.0 (by Amit Mehta and Anik Singal – Feb 2009)  product review


A major grouse I have with “shopping comparison sites” is that there’s often no “comparison” involved. They’re usually just a bunch of scraped data from affiliate datafeeds. There’s no “opinion” or comparison of the pros and cons of the product. Just a pile of digital trash on the information highway in my opinion.

It’s frequently the same case with Internet Marketing product “reviews” too…You know those ads that go:

Is Product XYZ A Scam? Check here to find the facts!
Don’t Buy Product XYZ Till You Read This Review
OR my favorite
An Honest Review of Product XYZ” (yeah right…)

If you head over to the page, you usually see a regurgitation of the marketing material, or just a listing of the product’s specifications, the price and maybe some bogus “bonus”…whoopee…

In my past vocation as a tech journalist, I used to evaluate product and service offerings from the likes of Microsoft, Iomega, Diamond Multimedia, Creative Technology among others. The product reviews were subsequently syndicated on the newswires and online tech portals, so I’ll use the same methodology here as well.

What’s good and bad about PPC Classroom?

First off, the product is pretty comprehensive.
From the product graphic, it looks like:

  • 4 manuals
  • 7 discs (probably a combination of CDs or DVDs)
  • At least 8 handouts
  • Super Affiliate Jeremy Palmer’s “top secret” software tool for tracking ad campaigns across various pay-per-click search engines (a necessity once you are spending large amounts on PPC on a daily basis).

Regarding the course structure, it’s geared towards newer affiliate marketers with topics on:

  • An introduction to PPC and affiliate marketing
  • Keyword matching
  • Understanding PPC stats
  • Finding niches and identifying hot demand
  • Evaluating your competition and building your USP (unique selling proposition)

And the bread and butter of the PPC-affiliate marketing trade, affiliate marketing monetization strategies (more…)

Video Clips Dominating Google Search Results? And It’s Traffic Generation Implications

Since the official announcement on the Google blog in January, there’s been widespread expectation that video clips would make their way into Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages). But did anyone expect that video clips would rank so highly?

Take the SERPs for Internet Marketer Rachel Rofe:

rachel rofe

Her video clip shot during the recent JV Alert seminar is a blurb for The Next Internet Milionaire. Yet it comes in as result 4, a little below her MySpace profile, personal blog and LinkedIn profile.

It certainly looks impressive.

Another search for Internet Marketer Anik Singal, shows a clip from Affiliate Summit 2006 East coming in as result 8 out of 69,300.

anik singal

This result ranks above his ezinearticles profile page. Pretty amazing.

And expanding the (more…)

Power Networking at Shawn Collins’ Affiliate Summit

Here’s some breaking news direct from Affiliate Summit co-founder Shawn Collins: “Affiliate Summit West (ASW) will be held in Las Vegas at the Rio Hotel on Feb 24-26, 2008.” I’ve been rousing my super affiliate posse to get them to block time on their schedules to make it to the event. Will you be there?

Having been to ASW in January, I’d have to say that the trade show experience is very different from educational seminars that most information marketers are used to going to. [Read: Affiliate Summit West 2006 Round Up]
Affiliate Summit brings together a huge network of affiliate networks and service providers. Contrary to what some might believe, the world of affiliate marketing and CPA marketing extends beyond just Clickbank and Commission Junction or CJ for short.

Hearing first hand from the affiliate networks and talking to other affiliates, it’s more an information-sharing type of event, rather than one where you have a speaker “teaching” you.

The afterhours parties are pretty awesome too.

The upcoming Affiliate Summit East (ASE) will be held in Miami, July 8-10.

There was some drama regarding WickedFire founder Jon Fisher’s announcement of a ASE exhibitor hall pass giveaway to members of the WickedFire affiliate marketing forum.

Apparently non-members tried to register and cause some consternation.

Well, every event always has some element of drama and I think it spices things up a little.

In case you’re wondering, as much as I’d like to, I’m giving ASE a miss this time as my schedule is full till the year end.

I’ll be making a beeline for (more…)

Are You Going to Be At Affiliate Summit West?

It’s 10 more days till Affiliate Summit West (ASW) and I’m stoked at the opportunity. (Incidentally, the event is sold out)
It’ll be my first trip to the US in about 4 years and I’m planning to hit Fry’s, Best Buy, get my fill of prime rib and margaritas in Vegas.

Here’s my to do list for ASW:

  • Attend the great sessions planned
  • Meet and greet the affiliate managers present, as not many have a point of presence in Asia.
  • Finally put a face to many of the personalities whose blogs I’ve been reading, or emailing, or catching their web radio programs, or whose forums I’ve been participating on.
  • Get a Shoemoney t-shirt (one of the new black one maybe?)
  • Get some nice WickedFire merchandise at their booth
  • Catch some great parties

This is one of the few times I’d be heading halfway around the world (I’ll be battening down the hatches in Asia to work on a couple of major projects once I get back).

So far, I look forward to the opportunity to meet and greet with Shoemoney, Jon F, Anik Singal, PlanetAndrea, Chris Hooley, Scott Jangro, Robyn Tippins, Shawn Collins, Missy Ward, the LunarPages blogging team (including Joe Whyte) and it looks like Pepperjam will have a good presence there too.

I might be approaching some of you to do interviews, so you are forwarned, and perhaps forearmed.

If you’re planning to interview any of the folks at ASW, here’s a couple of pointers (more…)

Head to Las Vegas in 2007 for Affiliate Marketing Strategies, Tips and Secrets

It’s confirmed, I’ll be heading to Las Vegas in late January for Shawn Collins’ Affiliate Summit West 2007.

I’ll be heading to the US for this event which’ll be useful to bring my affiliate marketing skills to a new level.

Highlights for the event include topics such as:

  • Marketing Your Affiliate Site – Outside of the Box
  • How to Recruit Super Affiliates
  • Optimizing with Your Merchant Partner
  • The Current State of Online Lead Generation
  • Anatomy of a Viral Video — Maximum ROI
  • Search Affiliates: Partners or Parasites?
  • Optimizing Landing Pages
  • Next Generation Affiliate Recruitment – Why What You Know Doesn’t Work Anymore
  • Panel: Lead Generation the New Kids On the Block

What I’m looking forward to though are three sessions: (more…)