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My Hong Kong Trip And Your Internet Marketing Business Audit

I’m prepping to head over to Hong Kong to join the wife and family and take a couple days off with the family. I remember when I was actively trading in stocks, I was like a crack addict, constantly checking the value of my portfolio, hitting the refresh button every 15 seconds to bring up updated prices, or waking up at 3am to check how mid-afternoon trading was going on the Singapore stock exchange. Sure I made a couple of thousand dollars during my vacation, but on hindsight, it sure lowered the quality of the vacation (or quasi-work trip/vacation).

But hand on a second. If you’re constantly checking in on your business, you’re missing the one element that separates a business owner, from a sole proprietor: freedom of time.

If you’re constantly tethered to the office via your cell phone, crackberry or laptop, you don’t have much more freedom than the investment banker or management consultant camping in their office.

The only difference is that you’re probably sitting in front of your computer in your boxers, or catching the occasional movie at 3 in the afternoon.

What you need to have a successful business is its ability to operate without you.

If you’re newer at this, the business can probably (more…)