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WhoIsAndrewWee.com Ranks 10th in Web Revenue Blog Rankings

Pat McCarthy over at ConversionRater has released updated blog rankings for “Web Revenue Blog Rankings“.

What’s a “web revenue blog”? Pat defines it as:

Blogs that focus on affiliate marketing, display advertising, contextual advertising, and actually helping people generate revenue in these ways by running their own site

Pat’s compiled a list of 28 blogs and as an inaugural participant, landed in a #10.

The top blogs include the usual suspects like:

As well as other notables like WickedFire malcontent Jon “aojon” F, Jon Warass, Scott Jangro, Carsten Cumbrowski, Sam Harrelson, TylerCruz, Andrew Johnson, Stuart (Earners Blog).

Awards are nice, though I don’t place much emphasis on going out to land them.

The publicity always helps if it bring more people who might get something from the content I post.

Peer recognition is something (more…)