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Something stinky about this

The Straits Times, Singapore largest English language daily has a ST Ink forum, popular referred to as the Stinky forum.

Just the other day a user, katchykid put up an interesting post

Relook at the rules
Before sex education even begins, the government should perhaps relook at their laws.

In Singapore, the official age to have sex is 16 years old.

The official age to see RA movies is 21 years old.

So someone can actually have sex at 16 years old but cant watch RA movies at 21 years old. Okie now this is the catch, suppose if 2 teens do a tammy, they cant watch themselves after(provided their handphone dont get stolen).

Tammy is the infamous Nanyang Polytechnic student who decided to capture a moment (10 minutes worth) of physical intimacy between herself and her male friend (relationship unknown).

While there will continue to be stalwarts in the island republic who will vehemently protest everything they see on TV, radio, movies, the Internet, it’ll be more challenging for the authorities to mediate between controlling ‘undesirable’ content, while attempting to cultivate an arts and media industry (which traditionally thrives on stretching and sometimes breaking boundaries).

Granted, we could go the way of Iranian filmmakers and produce movies with innuendo and analogies, however, I feel the lack the severely repressed environment to create such expression. and let’s face it, most Singaporeans (myself included) are:

  • too lazy (because everything else has been spoonfed to us)
  • too tired (because we’ve pulled an extra long overtime shift at work, coming home at midnight, instead of 9pm)
  • or too indifferent (bochap) because we feel that things will not change regardless of whether any action is taken.

I’ve always believed in one tenet, that is, if nothing is done, nothing will happen. if something is done, something will happen.

The question is whether we have to wait for the teenage posters of the stink forum to grow up and change the world around them, or if we will do it now.

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