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crash boom bang

the past few days have been a trying time.i’ve switched webhosts, moved about 8 domains over to my new host.

getting the blog up was quite a nightmare.

couldn’t figure out what to do about the SQL databases.

luckily, i got some help from this page.

I’m planning to update this blog regularly, so stay tuned faithful readers!

1 comment on crash boom bang

  1. Angela
    December 18, 2012 at 3:35 am (2716 days ago)

    but there are many many marketers who’s sole imnoce comes from affiliate marketing I don’t consider those people lacking in “creative juices”.To follow up on that, the overwhelming majority of affiliate marketers do not make any money because they do treat it as a shortcut. Above anything affiliate marketing is a business and treating it like a secret backdoor to profits almost guarantees failure(imo). Promoting a highticket item from Clickbank or Amazon is not a shortcut but smart business. The same goes for promoting another marketer’s product. No matter who or what, treat your business first and foremost like a business.

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