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Niche Site Developers: Take A Closer Look At BlueHost

If you develop themed niche sites (such as ones based on the Xbox360, Apple iPhone or Linkin Park), you’d realize the value of a web host which provides for hosting unlimited domain names.

At the same time, most reseller accounts will not provide much in the way of customer support.

But what if you could find shared hosting which provides support for unlimited domain names (a virtual rarity).

I think webhosting company BlueHost has upped the ante by offering both unlimited domain names and real time chat support for its hosting customers.

Added to that is the implementation of the options of turning on FastCGI recently, which allows PHP scripts to remain in the server’s memory, reducing the need to run the PHP interpreter each time the script is run.

While you may not want to find out the gory details, do note that this will reduce the server load and should result in fast page loads.

While applications use PHP? Blogs, forums, and most of the other web-based software out there.

If you take the fast server load and combine that with a multitude of domains focused on your niches, you’d realize that this could give you massive leverage in your Internet Marketing efforts.

Another word of advice is to maintain two web hosting accounts at two different webhosts. This protects you should one of the hosts go down.

If you’re already generating a comfortable four figure income from your Internet Marketing efforts, there really should be no reason why you don’t have a backup for your data.

Check it out:

–> BlueHost WebHosting with FastCGI

3 comments on Niche Site Developers: Take A Closer Look At BlueHost

  1. lee
    July 4, 2007 at 9:42 am (4341 days ago)

    You’re right on the money, Andrew. I use Bluehost, and have been very happy with them. I like the unlimited domains, but I especially like the fact they take customer service seriously. When I first signed on, I actually got a call from the company. I couldn’t believe it! The human touch. It’s so rare these days.

  2. Vlad
    July 7, 2007 at 1:15 pm (4338 days ago)

    I host bunch of websites with BlueHost. Can’t wish for a better web hosting provider. They just actually introduced something called FatsCGI- I have not tried it yet, but sounds like a good product.

  3. Andrew Wee
    July 7, 2007 at 1:22 pm (4338 days ago)

    It’s FastCGI and I talk about it in the post.
    You might’ve missed it.

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