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Power Networking at Shawn Collins’ Affiliate Summit

Here’s some breaking news direct from Affiliate Summit co-founder Shawn Collins: “Affiliate Summit West (ASW) will be held in Las Vegas at the Rio Hotel on Feb 24-26, 2008.” I’ve been rousing my super affiliate posse to get them to block time on their schedules to make it to the event. Will you be there?

Having been to ASW in January, I’d have to say that the trade show experience is very different from educational seminars that most information marketers are used to going to. [Read: Affiliate Summit West 2006 Round Up]
Affiliate Summit brings together a huge network of affiliate networks and service providers. Contrary to what some might believe, the world of affiliate marketing and CPA marketing extends beyond just Clickbank and Commission Junction or CJ for short.

Hearing first hand from the affiliate networks and talking to other affiliates, it’s more an information-sharing type of event, rather than one where you have a speaker “teaching” you.

The afterhours parties are pretty awesome too.

The upcoming Affiliate Summit East (ASE) will be held in Miami, July 8-10.

There was some drama regarding WickedFire founder Jon Fisher’s announcement of a ASE exhibitor hall pass giveaway to members of the WickedFire affiliate marketing forum.

Apparently non-members tried to register and cause some consternation.

Well, every event always has some element of drama and I think it spices things up a little.

In case you’re wondering, as much as I’d like to, I’m giving ASE a miss this time as my schedule is full till the year end.

I’ll be making a beeline for next year’s ASW in Vegas though.

I was talking to Affiliate Classroom head honcho Anik Singal a little earlier. He wasn’t able to make it to ASW this year, but attendance at ASW 2008 is on the cards. He might be presenting or holding an extra session.

The problem with any great tradeshow is that you won’t have a chance to catch everything. At ASW, I missed Jim Kukral’s “Bloggers as the next Super Affiliates” session, but managed to catch the Shoemoney-Jon F-Andrew Johnson‘s Super Affiliate session and most of PepperJam‘s Kris Jones session on arbitrage.

Shawn’s already arranged to have the videos hosted online, though I will need to squeeze time out of my schedule to catch them.

If you’re still thinking about making it to next month’s ASE, the tickets may or may not be available. The site link is located at the end of this post.

Here’s a partial list of affiliate networks, merchants and affiliate marketing community members who’ll be at ASE (it’s a long list):

  • 1&1 Internet Inc.
  • 1010 Interactive
  • 123InkJets.com
  • 1-800-Pharmacy
  • 18th Story Media Inc.
  • 1stCustomSoftware
  • 3B Software, Inc
  • 3i Corporation
  • 411web
  • 4checks.com
  • 6 Star Ads
  • 7 Days A Week Marketing
  • A&A Marketing, Inc.
  • Aaronson
  • AbeBooks.com
  • AC Lion
  • Access Medical Supply
  • ACE-iNET, Inc.
  • ACK Capital Group
  • ACLens.com
  • Active Response Group
  • Acuity Media Group
  • Adams Media LLC
  • AdExhibit(Order4Free,Inc)
  • AdIntegrity/InstantDollarz Inc
  • Adknowledge
  • AdoSoft INC
  • adpaid.com
  • AdRun Media Inc.
  • ADS-Links.com
  • AdValiant, Inc.
  • Advanced Nutrients Ltd.
  • Advantex Marketing International
  • Advertising.com
  • Affiliate Classroom, Inc.
  • Affiliate Summit
  • Affiliate Window
  • AffiliateBrand.com
  • AffiliateConvention.com
  • affiliateCREW
  • AffiliateProgramAdvice.com
  • affiliates4u.com
  • Affmeter.com
  • AffNet
  • AlexBet.com
  • Allegro Rainbow, Inc.
  • Alliance Entertainment
  • Allied Internet, Inc.
  • AM Navigator, LLC
  • Amadesa, Inc.
  • Amazing-Bargains.com
  • American Casino Guide
  • Ampario
  • Andy Rodriguez Consulting Inc
  • AP Web
  • Apogee Search
  • ArtSelect
  • Asklipios.net
  • AsSeenOnPC Network
  • Atsiva
  • AU Interactive
  • Automatic Interactive
  • Avanquest Software USA
  • AWC/OutdoorDecor.com
  • AzoogleAds
  • BabyCenter.com
  • BargainJack.Com
  • Beaches & Towns Network, LLC
  • Beachside Media
  • Belen Rojas
  • Bidz.com Inc
  • Big Click Syndicate LLC
  • Birthday in a Box
  • Blockbuster Online
  • BlogKits
  • Blue Phoenix Media, Inc.
  • BlueCPA
  • BlueLithium
  • Boca Networks
  • Brad
  • Brainiac.net
  • Brightside Media Inc.
  • Brilig LLC
  • buy.at
  • Buy.com
  • CaliforniaFreebies.com
  • Callidus
  • Callidus Ventures
  • Callidus Ventures Inc.
  • CallingCards.com
  • CanadianSponsors.com Inc.
  • CardOffers.com
  • CaribbeanWeddings.com
  • CashDuck
  • CD WOW!
  • Celebrity Seats
  • Channel Intelligence
  • CheapTrips
  • Chitika, Inc.
  • Chix Creative
  • Chody
  • christianguitar.org
  • Clash-Media
  • CleverMoms, LLC
  • ClickN’ KIDS
  • Clicksor.com Inc.
  • Client Connect
  • Coco Bonbons, Inc.
  • Commerce Mgmt Consulting
  • Commision Junction
  • Connexus
  • Converseon
  • Converseon, Inc.
  • CoregMedia
  • CorrectAd
  • Cost Per News
  • Costume SuperCenter
  • CotterWeb Enterprises
  • Coupon Shack LLC
  • Coupon Surfer
  • CoverClicks Media
  • CPA Empire
  • CPA Storm
  • CPACafe
  • CPAEmpire.com
  • CrazyforBargains.com
  • Creative 4C
  • Crossfire Management, LLC
  • CS
  • CSN Stores
  • Cumbrowski.com
  • Customer Finders
  • Cutting Edge Media
  • Cyber Technology
  • CyberConstructors, LLC
  • D R G
  • DaddyODeals.com
  • Date.com
  • De Heus
  • DealHunting.com
  • Dealnews.com, Inc.
  • DealTaker.com
  • DelFin Project
  • Delray Credit Counseling
  • DentalPlans.com
  • DesktopFun.com, LLC
  • Digital Enterprises Inc.
  • Digital River, Inc.
  • DigitalEditor.com
  • DigitalMoses
  • Direct Response Tech
  • Discover Financial
  • Diversion Marketing
  • DMi Partners
  • DMi Partners.com
  • Docurama Films
  • Double Play Media
  • DoubleClick Performics
  • DoublePlus Marketing
  • DoublePOSITIVE
  • Dow Networks
  • Duplicate Poker
  • Dynamite Printing
  • eAccountable
  • Ebates
  • EBN FInancial
  • ecampus.com
  • eComLeads
  • eComXpo
  • EDebitPay
  • Educational Direct
  • eForce Media
  • eHealth
  • E-Law 2.0 (Conde & Cohen)
  • eLearners.com
  • Elephant Group
  • eLevel
  • Elliance
  • eLUXURY.com
  • Email Bank
  • E-Management Group
  • EmpiricAds, LLC
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Entertainment.com
  • EPage / AdJungle
  • Epicenter
  • Epicenter Technologies
  • Epson
  • eTrend Media Group
  • Exchange Place
  • Expedia Inc.
  • Experian Interactive
  • Eyefall
  • FatWallet.com
  • Feature Creep Technology
  • Filinet.com
  • FindSavings.com
  • First Beat Media
  • FlamingoWorld.com LLC
  • Flatiron Media
  • Flicker
  • Forex Affiliate
  • Forge Business USA Inc
  • Forge Corporation Ltd.
  • Fosina Marketing Group
  • Foster57.com
  • Fox Interactive Media
  • Freshpair.com
  • Friend Finder Inc.
  • Frontline Direct
  • FullTango
  • Funbox
  • Future Now, Inc.
  • FXG
  • Game Vance
  • Gap
  • Gardens Alive
  • Geekcognito
  • Geosign Corporation
  • Get Landing Pages LLC
  • GetLandingPages.com
  • Gevirtz Media LLC
  • Gibble LLC
  • Glazer Enterprises
  • Global Personals LLC
  • Global Travel International, Inc.
  • Gofind Solutions.com
  • GoldenCAN
  • GoodLife Net Publishing
  • Google
  • GoTrusted.com
  • GotVMail Communications
  • GreatDad.com
  • Grimey Ink LLC
  • Growthspurt Media
  • Guidester, Inc.
  • Hackersafe
  • Hammock Ventures
  • Hawkee.com
  • Health Benefits Direct
  • HealthInsuranceSearch.com
  • Hertaste, Inc.
  • Hewlett-Packard, Snapfish
  • Hole In One Media
  • Holmes Stamp and Sign
  • Holsted Marketing Inc.
  • Home Business Journal
  • Home Decorators Collection
  • Home Gym Central, Inc.
  • HomeLivingStyle.com / Team Loxly
  • HometownQuotes Insurance
  • Hostopia
  • Hot Topic Media
  • hotels.com
  • HydraMedia
  • Hypnosis Network
  • HysterSisters.com
  • IBSDirect.com
  • Ican Benefit Group
  • IDC
  • Ideal Exposure, Inc.
  • ifrogz.com
  • IMA
  • iMedia Partners
  • imediaforce, Inc
  • Impulse Marketing Group
  • IMS
  • IncentReward.com
  • Income.com
  • incuBeta
  • Independent
  • Indigio Group
  • InfiLearn.com
  • infin8systems.com
  • InfoMedia, Inc.
  • Innovation Ads, Inc
  • Inovative Marketing, Inc.
  • Insight Magazine
  • Insurance.com
  • InsureMe
  • InsureNet.net
  • Intellistat
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Interactive Services Group
  • InterAdNet
  • Intermark Media
  • Internet Coast Media
  • Interval International
  • iProfit Network
  • Ipsos Interactive Services
  • IronTraffic
  • iVino, Inc
  • iWin, Inc.
  • Jarden Consumer Solutions
  • JBR Media Ventures, LLC
  • JIM
  • Joebucks Affiliate Program
  • JRB Computer Services
  • JRZ Media
  • Kancha Advertising
  • Kasamba Inc.
  • Kasamba, Inc.
  • Key Internet Marketing Inc
  • Keys Adventure Tours
  • Kim’s Affiliate
  • Kingside Media
  • Klunejko.Net
  • KRIYARI Inc.
  • KScerri Consultancy
  • Landslide Profits, LLC
  • Lashback
  • LasVegasConventionTravel.com
  • Lead Link Media
  • Leadclick Media, Inc.
  • LeadFlash
  • LeadGenuity
  • Leapfrog Online
  • LendingTree, LLC
  • Lenovo
  • Lighthouse Point News
  • Lightingbygregory.com
  • Like.com
  • LinkConnector
  • LinkShare
  • LinkShare Corporation
  • LinkValu
  • LinkWorth.com
  • Liquidation.com
  • List Source Direct
  • Livendi, LLC
  • LivePeople.Net
  • Livetech Marketing Inc.
  • Logia
  • Logoworks
  • LoveMyCash.com
  • LowerMyBills.com
  • Luckyclown.com
  • M Seery Co
  • M4N
  • MadHatterConsulting
  • MagicAdTool.com
  • Magnify.net
  • Managed Webworks
  • Manna Marketing
  • Marimedia
  • Market Leverage
  • Marketing Experiments
  • Match.com & Chemistry.com
  • Matchpoint
  • Mate1.com Inc
  • Maxx Supplements
  • MechMedia, Inc.
  • Media Boost
  • MediaGroup1
  • MediaPost
  • MediaWhiz Holdings, Inc.
  • MediaWhiz Holdings, LLC
  • Mediazone.net
  • Mehta International
  • Merchant – Affiliate Marketer
  • Mercola.com
  • Mercole Online, LLC
  • MIO.TV
  • MLS.com
  • MMS
  • MNP Enterprises, LLC
  • Mobal Communications
  • MobileJam
  • Modern Consumer
  • Mondera Inc
  • Monetizeit.net
  • MoneyReign, Inc.
  • Montgomery Ward
  • MOVE Marketing
  • Mpire.com
  • My Glorious Gifts
  • My Pageant Directory
  • MySpace — Fox Interactive Media
  • National Affiliate Marketing, LLC
  • Native Remedies LLC
  • Net Business Blog
  • Net Guides Publishing Inc.
  • Net Media Planet
  • Net Monster LTD
  • NetBiz Concepts
  • Netblue Affiliate Network
  • NETexponent
  • NetMargin/Datran Media
  • NetVirtue
  • Network Solutions
  • NeverblueAds
  • New Motion, Inc.
  • Nick
  • NKMD
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  • none, plz leave empty.
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68 comments on Power Networking at Shawn Collins’ Affiliate Summit

  1. Carsten Cumbrowski
    June 27, 2007 at 6:49 am (4843 days ago)

    I don’t want put gasoline into the fire, but I had 3 exhibit hall tickets also. There was a sweepstakes over a month ago at SEJ
    See the post.

    Nobody responded.

    I reminded people the next day here. Still nothing. The tickets went back to Shawn.

    Maybe those are the ones John has gives out now. I hope he has more luck. Search marketing guys, what can I tell you. They have it too good, obviously. :)

  2. Andrew Wee
    June 27, 2007 at 7:06 am (4843 days ago)

    When you’re banking I guess it might not make that big a diff.

    PS: my bad, Cumbrowksi.com is listed as an attendee on the front page of AffiliateSummit.com

  3. Schedule
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