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Friday Podcast: PPC Affiliate Strategies With John Hasson

John HassonI first met PPC affiliate John Hasson at ShareASale’s “Party Under The Stars” party at Affiliate Summit West earlier this year. We were eating a heartattack-inducing tiramisu/ice-cream concoction and talking about our businesses.

John spoke at the “Meet The Experts” session chairing a table on PPC affiliate marketing. At the recent Affiliate Summit East in Boston, John presented a session on PPC marketing.

During the course of our discussion, I was pretty amazed at how John’s brought his programming skills to automate and employ leverage in PPC campaigns.

We also talked about:

  • How John got started as a programmer early on and his first experience at generating $600 a day through PPC arbitrage
  • How he made his transition into affiliate marketing
  • Tips to succeed in PPC affiliate marketing

You can access the Friday Podcast below:

Note: John was travelling as part of a project he’s working on and the line dropped a  number of times and the connection wasn’t the best. Listen in for some great tips though.

You can visit John’s blog at JohnHasson.com

Boost Your Site Rankings With SEO Tips From Wil Reynolds

At the recent Affiliate Summit, Seer Interactive founder Wil Reynolds and SEO veteran presented some of his latest techniques in optimizing your website rankings in the search engines.

Affiliate Summit co-founder Shawn Collins recently uploaded Wil’s slides from his presentation together with other presentations and they can be access here: Affiliate Summit East 2008 presentation slides.

From his “My Favourite 5 SEO Strategies Exposed” session, one of the items Wil talked about was Google’s recent Knol, or knowledge aggregation site.

Located at Knol.google.com, the site seems like a combination of Squidoo in that users can create topic-focused resource pages, with the authority of a Wikipedia.

google knol 1

Knol pages have ranked prominently (more…)

Geordie Carswell Steps Down As Revenuewire CEO

geordie carswellIf you use Pay Per Click (PPC) as a means of traffic generation for your websites, you’d have read blog posts by Revenuewire CEO Geordie Carswell over at the Revenuewire affiliate network.

It’s a loss for PPC marketers that Geordie will be stepping down as CEO on August 1st, though he will be continuing with Revenuewire on an advisory basis.

Geordie had published a number of tips and updates focused on utilitizing and optmizing Google AdWords since he started posting on the blog.

Perhaps as a sign of the changing of the guard, the blog format has been changed to something closer to an article directory – perhaps a sign that updates may not be as frequent either.

The Revenuewire CEO post will be filled by (more…)

Good Easter Bunny, Bad Easter Bunny…With Shawn Collins

Affiliate marketing veteran Shawn Collins is known for a number of achievements…

If you like Shawn’s Road Trip/American Pie-ish style of humor, you’d want to check out this Easter bunny video broadcast:

Also, check out this Facebook thread where we’re aiming to hit 500 comments. Every little comment helps!

$7,119 worth of prizes in Gyutae Park’s “Craziest Internet Marketing Contest”

You might like to check it out at: Gyutae Park’s blog.

In my mind a “contest” has elements of skills and competitors have to compete.

The event that Gyutae has organized is more like a sweepstakes, where you sign up for his mailing list, subscribe to his RSS feed, post some linkbait back to his blog (via stumbleupon or blog about it) and gain chances to win some of the prizes.

It doesn’t hurt that there’s about $2,000 worth of cold hard cash to be given away, plus an all-access seminar pass to Affiliate Summit East in Boston later this year.

Post-Affiliate Summit West Monetization And Action Plan

I’ve landed in Singapore after a gruelling 17 hour 30 minute non-stop flight from LAX to Singapore (considerably shorter than the 20+ hour flight with a stopover in Tokyo or Hong Kong) and promptly took a 7-hour afternoon nap. I do love working my own hours…

affiliate summit shawn collins missy ward

At Affiliate Summit West with ASW co-founders Shawn Collins and Missy Ward

If it was your first Affiliate Summit or you would like to get more out of your trip, here’re my suggestions:

  • Follow Up

Yes, you can mass mail all the people you met, but social marketing/conversational marketing is what’s going to give you an edge in building relationships and bringing your business to the next level. Include a personal note, talk about winning (more…)