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Making The Merchant-Affiliate Relationship Work

I spoke to Amazon Product Manager Zahid Khan at their booth in the halls at the sidelines of Affiliate Summit West.

Internet marketer Steve Schaffer who was also at the booth mentioned that Amazon’s lack of analytics was hampering the efforts of affiliates.

Amazon affiliates will realized that tracking is limited to a maximum of 200 tracking IDs (which need to be created through the affiliate panel), preventing the insertion of tracking IDs.

PPC affiliates or other affiliates which dynanimically insert tracking data within the Sub ID field will find their marketing efforts seriously hampered by this.

The feedback from Zahid was that “affiliates have not requested this”.


I’m not sure if Amazon is seriously listening to this, but I don’t think they are actively soliciting affiliate feedback to enhance their systems. The end result is that a growth in affiliate revenue will benefit the company.

Routinely conducting affiliate polls or focused interviews would seem to (more…)

Do You Have A Question For The Affiliate Panel?

In about a week’s time, Affiliate Summit West will be in full swing in Las Vegas.

affiliate marketing panel

Affiliate Bloggers Speak Out Panelists: (Left to Right) Nickycakes, Geordie Carswell, Miles Baker

I’ve the honor of moderating an affiliate marketers panel with panelists: Geordie Carswell, NickyCakes and Miles Baker in attendance.

The session is geared towards newer and experienced marketers who’d like to tap on the expertise of the panel which spans search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, social media and blogging.

The panelists and I are compiling questions for the session.

If you’ve a question or issue, go ahead and list it in the comments below.

Affiliate Summit West 2009 Las Vegas Highlights

One of the perks of heading to Affiliate Summit West at the Rio hotel this coming January is the opportunity to meet the various guests on the Friday Podcast, some for the 1st time and some of the 10th time.

las vegas

Next on the list would be the terrific networking events and parties, especially the near legendary ones hosted by the ShareASale affiliate network, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to bring home a polaroid with SAS founder Brian Littleton in his trademark sweatervests.

This isn’t to say that the sessions are to be unrated. (more…)

Are You Tough Enough For Affiliate Summit West 2009?

Affiliate Summit co-founders Shawn Collins and Missy Ward present innovative events in conjunction with their signature Affiliate Summit events. They organized an affiliate road rally when I was in Las Vegas earlier this year, with about 20 affiliates and networks taking part. It was truly radio control mayhem as our radio signals crossed and cars, trucks and other vehicles careened into the human drivers and into the wall.

This time round, the next Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas will feature an Affiliate Triathlon, billed as “designed for affiliate marketers by affiliate marketers”. As affiliate marketing gives most successful affiliates the option to eat and sleep as much as they can comfortably tolerate, the tendency is to put on a little weight around the waist, thighs, face, etc. (With the exception of a couple of notables like Shawn, Missy, Heather Paulson, Ros Gardner, Amit Mehta, Chad Frederiksen, John Hasson, Nickycakes – who are the healthier minority among the affiliate majority).

All proceeds from the event go to charity, which will include the National Breast Cancer Foundation. It’ll be a fun event for sure, though I’m hoping Shawn will give more details. Maybe this year, we’ll see Heather in her bikini at the Rio pool taking on all challengers?

Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins on his preferred mode of transport

Affiliate Summit West 2009 will be from Jan 11-13 in Las Vegas at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

Get your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Tip: Use promo code ASW09WHOISAW to save 10% off any type of pass

Friday Podcast: PPC Affiliate Strategies With John Hasson

John HassonI first met PPC affiliate John Hasson at ShareASale’s “Party Under The Stars” party at Affiliate Summit West earlier this year. We were eating a heartattack-inducing tiramisu/ice-cream concoction and talking about our businesses.

John spoke at the “Meet The Experts” session chairing a table on PPC affiliate marketing. At the recent Affiliate Summit East in Boston, John presented a session on PPC marketing.

During the course of our discussion, I was pretty amazed at how John’s brought his programming skills to automate and employ leverage in PPC campaigns.

We also talked about:

  • How John got started as a programmer early on and his first experience at generating $600 a day through PPC arbitrage
  • How he made his transition into affiliate marketing
  • Tips to succeed in PPC affiliate marketing

You can access the Friday Podcast below:

Note: John was travelling as part of a project he’s working on and the line dropped a  number of times and the connection wasn’t the best. Listen in for some great tips though.

You can visit John’s blog at JohnHasson.com

Friday Podcast: Niche Site Development With Kim Rowley

kim rowleyOne of the affiliate marketers I’d been following since I first started out in the industry was and continues to be Kim Rowley who owns Key Internet Marketing and has a network of shopping-themed niche sites.

Kim has come up with a number of great concepts for niche sites, and more than just the idea alone, she’s certainly one to take immediate action.

Although we’d talked a little before this past Affiliate Summit West and chatted briefly at the Summit, we’d been sharing some ideas in recent weeks and I was glad that she was able to take some time out to come on the podcast.

Besides hearing about her start in internet marketing, we also talked about strategies in setting up coupon/shopping/comparison type shopping sites and growing your online business.

As with previous Friday Podcasts, we covered a lot of ground in this episode and you can check out the podcast below: