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10 Ways to a Killer Blog Part 1

This post has been on the backburner for some time, but it’s one that I’ve been looking forward to.10 Ways to a Killer Blog

As reported by Teresa Valdez Klein from the Blog Business Summit, Robert and Maryam Scoble’s presentation about how to blog well looks like it’s a leading contender for favorite presentations of the conference.

The PDF presentation can be found: here

Although I wasn’t present, the presentation gave me some food for thought.

Here’s my interpretation of the points they raised:

10 Ways Killer Blog

Rule #1: You can choose to blog about a high paying keyword, or for a high paying affiliate program, but you will hit a breaking point if it’s not something you’re truly interested in.

If you don’t have the interest to consistently blog about divorce, pharmaceuticals, credit restructuring, mortgages or cosmetic surgery (all high paying terms), then don’t!

Better to choose something you have a flair for, something you are truly passionate about.

At that stage, you could easily blog 5 or more times a day effortlessly.

And it’ll brighten up your day too!

10 Ways Killer Blog

Rule #2: While it’s somewhat fun to blog in isolation, going off in all sorts of wild tangents, it’s important to keep in contact with the latest buzz in the community too.

Besides its content, a blog is only as vibrant as its community. And if you’re relevant to your readers, the readership will organically grow.

Plus, it always helps to have lots of friends (with some in high places).

10 Ways Killer Blog

Rule #3: Yes, we know that gadget blogs are popular. So are software blogs. So too Xbox360 blogs and scrapbooking blogs too.

You don’t necessarily need to dominate the niche you’re in, but having your own voice and own perspective helps.

Do you bring something fresh to the table?

Or are you merely reiterating what someone else has said?

If you bring value, you will naturally cultivate a loyal following.

Like brings like and you start a cycle of goodwill.

What do you think?

Are these factors relevant?

3 comments on 10 Ways to a Killer Blog Part 1

  1. monchster
    December 19, 2006 at 12:43 am (5056 days ago)

    I think your are absoloutely right…. A blog is bascially a digital diary that you are willing to share with everyone. A diary is meant to hold your own personal views and thoughts on any subject. With that in mind, do we usually copy what others wrote in their own diary? No…. then why do it with blogs?

    If you’re not passionate about your blog topic, then stop, and start writing about what you are passionate about.

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