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And the Blogger’s Choice Award Goes To…

On some level, all of us crave some form of recognition, and awards and prizes confer a degree of recognition. Even though you might get some plastic trophy covered with gold paint, or maybe a dinky award graphic in GIF format, it’s not so much the trophy itself, but the symbolic value of the prize.

So here comes the Blogger’s Choice Awards.

blogger's choice

By a process of peer voting, bloggers stand to receive recognition by their peers and display badges on their blogs.

And yes, expect to see bloggers nominate themselves (and likely that will be the only vote many of them will get.)

Still, any exposure is better than none.

Looking at the current rankings is quite revealing:

Leading the “Best Blogs About Blogging” category, we have:

best blogs about blogging

Notables like ProBlogger Darren Rowse, Lorelle, and I’m not familiar with bloggingbasics101.com (PR5, Alexa 821,000), so I’ll be check it out.

Leaping ahead of the “Best Blog About Blogging” bloggers, we have the celebrity bloggers:

best celebrity blogger

With 4,865 votes, Rosie O’Donnell is clearly ahead of mainstream bloggers and other celebrity bloggers.

The fact is that if you want to do well in blogging (or in any area of Internet Marketing for that matter), you will need to differentiate yourself and pull away from the crowd. So the next best thing to being “Rosie” is to get one of these plum awards:

worst blog of all time

most obnoxious blogger

My gut feel is that PerezHilton is headed for at least landing a few awards.

In any competitive field, people are going to love you and some will hate you.

You want either type of audience. What you don’t want are apathetic audiences.

Who do you think about the Blogger’s Choice awards?

Who do you think will win each category?

4 comments on And the Blogger’s Choice Award Goes To…

  1. James
    May 4, 2007 at 3:47 am (5101 days ago)

    I think in some cases, you just want any audience. :)
    Honestly, I find Rosie much more obnoxious than anyone listed under obnoxious.

  2. Tuesday
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