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Friday Podcast Episode 3: Kick Your Podcast Content Into High Gear

The third episode of the Friday Podcast focuses on bumping up the content quotient of your podcast.

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The podcast content issue:

3 components:

  • News/Information
  • Analysis/application
  • Color/personality

The 3 Factor Content Breakdown:

News: to the minute. on site even better

Analysis: how does certain news affect how you are doing things now. what does it mean? how can you benefit?
application: how to apply information, get value out of it.

Color: on-site at event. Capture mood, talk to people who are there.
Tend to be less content heavy, give flavor and mood.

  • Other pointers:

Keep it interesting!
Helps if you speak well, speak clearly. You need to be understood
Depending on your personality: Energetic helps. listen to motivational speaker, even thousands of miles away, just a voice coming out of your speakers, still manage to feel energized.

The X-factor?

In summary, 3 points to take note for podcast content:

  • Content itself/factual
  • Analysis/apply
  • Color/personality.

You can include elements of all 3 (ideal).
But if you are new podcaster, focus on mastering each element first.

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  1. Tommy
    May 8, 2007 at 9:58 am (4917 days ago)

    Another great podcasts. Cheers. I’ll come back for more. Cheers.

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