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Want to get into 9rules? Apply now!

This is really late notice.

But you might have a chance to slip in before the door slams shut.

Blogging network 9rules has opened a 24 hour window to accept new submissions into it’s network.

The benefits?

If accepted, you can expect greater exposure and access to an established blog network.

They’ve a whole bunch of categories and have gone as far to be open to new category suggestions.

For more info, check out: 9rules Round 5: October 25th

It’s only open for a 24 hour window and I’m not sure which time zone they’re in, so you should submit your entry now.

Here’s the submission link: Submit to 9rules:Round 5

Good luck!

1 comment on Want to get into 9rules? Apply now!

  1. WordPress Advice
    August 14, 2007 at 9:07 pm (4826 days ago)

    What are the chances of any other window in near or far future ?

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