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9Rules Round 5 Community Update

Fresh off the press, 9rules Community Director Tyme White announced in the 9Rules blog this morning: Round 5 Update

I’m more than 3/4 through the list (first pass). That’s when I bumped into some serious organization problems. What worked with 700 sites doesn’t work with 1191 so…thanks to Scrivs helping me out today, Tyme is more organized.

My goal is to finish the first pass this weekend, start the second pass (smaller) by Tues.

It certainly is a mammoth task sifting through 1191 blog entries, especially since the near doubling of entries since the last round.

I’ve enjoyed visiting the 9Rules blogs as they’ve managed to maintain a community atmosphere and there’s a sense of camaraderie among the bloggers. (to the extent that founder Scrivs feels comfortable to wear funny hats for his Halloween greetings message: Happy Halloween)

I think the 9Rules crew will have to start boosting their numbers soon, and the challenge will be maintaining the ‘home’ feel to the community.

But that’s a happy growing pain, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, I’ll keeping my fingers crossed about my blog submission.

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