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The UHP Content Creation Challenge

Thursday was an especially challenging day.

I set a target of creating at least 50 pages of content for 2 of my sites, with the plans to shoot for 60 pages.

Starting at Thursday noon, I embarked on my Content Creation Challenge, planning to complete the task within 24 hours.

A key motivator was a promise to the folks at the Internet Marketing Singapore forum that I’d buy $150 worth of refreshments for the next meeting. Heh, it was a good motivator!

The short story is yes, by Friday noon, I’d created 57 pages of content.

30 pages at http://www.InternetMarketingCookbook.com and another 27 pages at BizExcellerator.com.

The pages at BizExcellerator might not be as obvious though, because I created a business/entrepreneurship course and in the meantime, got plenty of hands on experience with Aweber’s autoresponders too.

Do check the pages out and feel free to leave comments either here or on the respective sites.

Enjoy your weekend.

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