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How to get what you really want

Are you happy with everything you have right now?

If so, stop reading this and head elsewhere.

If not, read on.

The following steps will help if you want to be successful in business and/or your personal life:

  • Having goals
  • Having a way to reach those goals
  • Reaching those goals

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? I guess most of us know (more…)

Is it better to self-publish or go with a publisher?

I was answering a question on a private forum from a writer who is contemplating whether to take up a publisher’s offer to publish his book.

He already has built up a following and was asking the opinion of the group whether he should take up the offer or consider self-publishing.


My advice to him:

It depends on where you see your st (more…)

How to build long-term online income

As I’m coming back to rebuild my online business after about 2 years of neglect, I’m looking at what I have now.

Since shifting webhosting a couple of times to my current SSD cloud VPS hosting, I’ve lost a number of my product sites along the way.

Part of the rebuilding over the next couple of weeks is to have them up again.

If your sites are down, then you won’t be able to get sa (more…)