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How to build long-term online income

As I’m coming back to rebuild my online business after about 2 years of neglect, I’m looking at what I have now.

Since shifting webhosting a couple of times to my current SSD cloud VPS hosting, I’ve lost a number of my product sites along the way.

Part of the rebuilding over the next couple of weeks is to have them up again.

If your sites are down, then you won’t be able to get sales from a website that isn’t there.

Likewise in the world of Internet marketing, if you don’t have campaigns up, you’ll be earning nothing.

Which is why I like Stefanie Hutson’s threads on SEO (search engine optimization) and building long-term online assets.

If  you’re a member of AffPortal, you can look at “The Asset-based Approach to SEO”.

In the piece, Stefanie talks about the importance of building and owning elements of your own SEO network.

When third-party websites may remove backlinks to your site, link to you but with weird anchor text like “click here”, and do other weirder stuff, it can mess your search engine rankings,

She goes on to mention a couple of third party sites that you can create accounts at, like Blogger, Xanga, Scribd, where you can build your own asset and link to your site.

By controlling the linking asset, you have control over the type of link, anchor text and other variables which would affect your result.

Additionally, the advantage of owning one of these sites is that it has the potential to rank for your keyword in the SERPs. Have enough of these and you’ll see a wall of SEO sites where most of the results on page 1 and 2 are your sites, whether they’re YouTube videos or Pinterest pages or an Ezinearticle.

Setting up these types of sites takes time. It’ll probably take three times as long as setting up a quick-and-dirty paid traffic arbitrage campaign.

However, the payoff is that you’ll continue to benefit from them for years to come, especially if you’re building quality content.

The area I’m spending more time focused on is content strategy and content marketing.

If you’re building something that people want, it gains value.

If it’s something that people refer to often, then it gains even more value.

Can you remember the point at which Wikipedia started to replace encyclopedias, going down to the library to look at microfiche and microfilm? (If you’re younger, you may not know what this stuff is).

Likewise, the same with Google becoming the search engine of choice, and Facebook gradually become our social network of choice. (Unless you’re really young, in which case you’re probably already at Instragram or Snapchat).

The thing is that SEO and asset-based sites take much more effort to build than arbitrage campaigns.

On the flip side, they’re likely to have a much longer lifespan than the average 6 to 12 months for a CPA offer.

So you might want to spend time to diversify your income sources, even if you already are successful.

To find out more about long-term SEO strategies, you can sign up at AffPlaybook via my AffPlaybook discount code link.

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