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Breaking Out Of The “One Trick Pony” Mindset

Shawn Collins has posted the seminar track presentations from Affiliate Summit Boston at the Affiliate Summit Blog, providing a wealth of resources and information for those in affiliate marketing as well as internet marketing.


Going through the various topics, it’s easy to add more tools to your marketing arsenal. At the same time, it will be prudent to avoid falling into the “one trick pony” pitfall.

What does this pitfall involve? Given that the content comes from some of the brightest lights in the internet industry?

Falling into the trap of seeing and then believing that a buzz technology, whether it’s twitter, seesmic, SEOQuake, or some other keyword, analytics or social media tool is going to transform your business.

Is one technology, or a handful of technologies or “tricks” going to transform your business? I think not.

It may be because the bulk of internet marketers are solopreneurs (working through a sole proprietorship structure) that leads to this form of opportunistic thinking.

Granted revenue and more importantly, profits are going to be the lifeblood when you’re starting out as a solo operation. Growing beyond this stage requires visionary thinking and a long term gameplan.

This may mean forgoing some opportunistic quick cash opportunities (like setting up and launching a keyword campaign based around “Michael Phelps”, “Michael Phelps olympics”) because even though this might make you some quick cash, it will take you away from building your core business.

Having a business plan, outlining your goals, area of focus and defining your business activities will give you greater leverage and maximize your chances of achieving the goals you’ve set.

This ties in to a conversation I had earlier this week with Israel-based marketer Andrea Yager about the goals of marketing and how you can best focus your efforts to get what you want out of this business.

Stay tuned for this week’s edition of the Friday Podcast.

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