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Chad Frederiksen (CDFNetworks) Local Lead Plan product review

Chad Frederiksen has a number of titles – Top 10 Azoogle affiliate, author of the popular CDFNetworks (btw, CDF stands for Chad D Frederiksen) blog, former owner of a linkbuilding business, daredevil mountain biker who’s fractured, broken and torn more parts of his body than most of us would like to think about. Add to that his newest title of ebook writer/course creator of the Local Lead Plan.

As many as he dislike ebooks because he finds that many are pretty scammy, he’s found that the digital format is perferable to deal with book publishers. And you might be wondering what sort of ebook course would someone who dislikes ebooks come up with?

Chad offered me a review copy so I can give a neutral, unbiased opinion of his product (pretty damn good).

First off, who will NOT benefit from this – If you’re totally new to internet marketing, if you prefer to stay holed-up in your bedroom, you will probably not do well with local lead generation.

On the other hand, I’ve used the internet to generate leads for a couple of brick-and-mortar businesses I’ve been involved with (real estate, pharmaceuticals, engineering services businesses and my own ebooks and courses), and online lead generation has been pretty darn profitable. On the average, each dollar of marketing spend online can translate into $10 of offline business. Plus online media being very cheap, it’s about 10-20% the cost of offline media (print advertising, display ads, direct mail).

So what’s local lead plan (which deals with local lead generation) all about?

Lead generation is something you’re already familiar with if you’re an affiliate marketer. If a patient is worth $2,000 per year to a dentist, the business owner might be willing to pay $50-$100 for each new referred customer. (When it trickles down to the affiliate level, those “dental plan” CPA offers might offer a payout of $10-50 per lead).

You might’ve read my previous post last September where someone I coached in lead generation turned a $200 ad spend into a $4,000 profit. This was all through the power of lead generation.

Local lead generation means working with businesses and entrepreneurs in your community or states and generating leads for their business and selling those leads to them.

This can be very lucrative because:

  1. If you’re the only marketer in the area, you have non-existent competition.
  2. Local traffic costs are significantly lower than fighting with other marketers and affiliates on a national level.
  3. You have control over the lead generation process.

Now for the negatives:

  1. If you’re planning to sit in your bedroom all day and have a thriving local lead gen business, it’s just not going to fly. It usually requires a couple of face-to-face meetings and phone conversations.
  2. There’s more work involved upfront, compared to the 5-10 minute quick setup CPA arbitrage campaigns.

But then again, you’re talking about selling leads for hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars in some cases. It can be pretty lucrative, especially since I’ve seen a number of top PPC affiliates move into this space.


Local Lead Plan: What’s it all about?

The #1 stumbling block for marketers/affiliates (especially if you’ve not run a brick and mortar business before) wanting to break into the local lead generation will be figuring out how to get started. Since Chad has been working with local businesses for some time, he goes through the thinking behind each step of the process and gives you a blueprint for kickstarting your own business, or improving your processes if you’ve already been doing lead generation locally. The Local Lead Plan is pretty comprehensive, although if you’d like to become a master at the lead generation game, you will probably find yourself heading to the library or bookstore to pick up additional books on prospecting and sales closing when you decide to scale your business on a massive scale.

Local Lead Plan is a good place to get started and covers breaks down the process into 3 areas:

  • Client prospecting, negotiation, lead pricing
  • Lead generation via various traffic methods, screening/de-duplicating/cleaning leads, tracking/billing
  • The “secret sauce” – well, Chad doesn’t call it the secret sauce, but he includes his own tips and methods he uses in running his business and once you’ve mastered the basics, this is where the value of the product stands out, especially in dealing with potential problems you might face and how to protect yourself, and tips for scaling your business

If you also consider that he’s providing document templates for sales proposals, lead generation agreements, invoices and other documents, it could save you a lot of time when you’re getting started.


Chad’s Local Lead Plan bonus:

A recent addition to the Local Lead Plan has been the addition of a private discussion forum for product owners to share tips and their experiences. The community aspect could be a great asset, especially since some of the experienced members have been posting case studies of past campaigns and sharing their own tips for setting up and optimizing your own campaigns.


As Chad mentions, the local lead gen business isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, and it’s not likely to put a huge sum of cash in your bank account by next week. However, if you’re interested in building a steady, long-term business, or add some stable income to an existing affiliate marketing or internet marketing business, local lead gen is probably one of the best options out there.

Check out the: Local Lead Plan

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