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Upping Your Internet Marketing Productivity with Quiet Time

There’s a focus on getting maximum productivity to generate more traffic, build your list or developing more products.
After all, there’re only 24 hours in a day and rushing your product to the market, and building your community are priorities

But, there is value to taking a half hour out every day to use quiet time to think about your current projects.

Quiet time is NOT about sitting on your couch and watching TV.
Nor does it involve looking for a quiet corner with a six-pack.

Rather, it’s a form of Internet Marketing meditation to refocus yourself on the goals you want to achieve.

Find a quiet corner, have paper ready, and focus on the following:

  • Are your marketing campaigns on track?
  • Are your targets realistic?
  • Do they need to be modified to take advantage of the market conditions?
  • Who else can you approach/joint venture with to gain more marketing leverage.

Leverage on your network:
Spend a little time talking to your Internet Marketing inner circle to get their thoughts, run ideas past them.
Get them to play the devil’s advocate.

Two minds are certainy better than one and you’d be surprised at the inspiration you get from a 5 minute session of bouncing ideas off a competent confidant.

It’s always good to plan ahead and move ahead.
Sometimes it’s also good to look back and look at the present.

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2 comments on Upping Your Internet Marketing Productivity with Quiet Time

  1. Geordie Carswell
    April 11, 2007 at 1:49 am (4952 days ago)

    Great post Andrew, I especially like the point about potentially modifying your campaigns to take advantage of new market trends. Almost always, the market has expanded or changed from when you first had an idea to when it was actually up and running….

  2. Alvin Phang
    April 11, 2007 at 10:31 pm (4952 days ago)

    I got the ebook too.. it’s great… btw… congrats on your success on blogging so far =)

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