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Need to Succeed 060728

Yesterday was a mixed bag in terms of achieving my goals.

Got my real estate stuff done. working on 3 prospects.

At the same time, I came to the realization that the macro view is missing from my strategy.

Instead of going into piecemeal stategies, I need a holistic approach towards IM. Have a big base to work from and synergistic crosssells and upsells built into the equation.

Else getting IM income in small chunks will do nothing for me.

So the next 7 days till next Friday will be spent building up the IM base and going through the resources.

Will do further refinements to the UHP system too.

today’s P1 goals:

1) Finish going through Stuart’s Jumpstart to Profit Notes

2) Go through Insider Tips to Internet Profits (abt 100pgs).

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