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Friday Podcast: Application Development Tips From Mark Wielgus – 45n5.com

mark wielgusMark Wielgus, or just “Mark” from 45n5.com (right) is one of those marketers whom you sit up and take notice of.

I found his site when he first launched his eBay-Amazon-Youtube mashup script, which lets you build an affiliate site easily. Mark has already done the API (application programming interface) work for you, so you can skip around the techie aspects and get round to the business of generating affiliate commissions.

He followed that up with his 19pages.com application, which lets you build a niche site easily, and the best thing about it doesn’t require a MySQL connection, so you can transport it from one webhosting account to another easily. If you’re into site development/site flipping, it can be a handy tool to add value to a site (and increase it’s monetization and asking price too).

He’s since gone on to launch his Top100 “make money online” blog rankings (he developed the code) and it’s generated a fair amount of buzz in the internet marketing blogosphere.

So naturally I had to have him on the Friday Podcast to pick his brains about developing software applications to boost your internet marketing efforts and to directly monetize.

We talked about the building blocks of application development, as well as monetizing your application once it’s good to go.

You can hear our thorough discussion (weighing in at more than an hour long) and hear about his latest project ShowYourAdHere.com in the latest edition of the Friday Podcast accessible below:

Incidentially, Mark is also Blog Captain for the upcoming Affiliate Summit and you can hear about the blog room facilities too.

2 comments on Friday Podcast: Application Development Tips From Mark Wielgus – 45n5.com

  1. 45n5
    February 2, 2008 at 2:05 am (4683 days ago)

    Andrew,thanks for having me on the show, that was a bunch of fun.

    I look forward to talking to you more about ideas soon.

    If any of your readers want to talk I’d be glad to answer questions or give some feedack. mark @ 45n5.com

    thanks again andrew.
    mark wielgus

  2. Cyrus
    February 2, 2008 at 6:39 am (4682 days ago)

    another great friday podcast. Good timing too. I’m assuming that the mashup script would be a good solution for the many domains that I have which i haven’t done anything with yet. Also, the showmyad idea is great. I’ll definitely be trying it out on some of my blogs. Thanks Mark!

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