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Friday Podcast Episode 2: Podcasting – From Good to Great

Great podcasts are a combination of stellar performances from both:

  • Presenter
  • Podcast content

In this edition, I look at the components of a successful presenter.

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Click more to view the session notes:Factors influencing success of a podcast:

We’ll look at the presenter aspect today:

  • Do your homework: research, prepare a summary/fact sheet, contain key points, list down relevant questions
  • Orchestrate: important to present a polished presentation
  1. Script the sequence. subject covering
  2. Make sure you include an introduction (especially if tiy are new, just because you know what search engine optimization is, doesn’t mean every listener will)
  3. From intro, transition to body, where develop content.
  4. If doing live interview, note down key points, summarize for benefit of listeners.
  • Time Awareness: Keep a stop watch handy, time yourself.
  1. Consistency is key.
  2. Keep within a range: 5 to 10mins.(easy to download)
  3. 1 hour of content typically sponsored program, or on a podcasting network like webmaster radio.
  • Confidence: If you are not physically there, you are judged by your voice and how confidently you present yourself.
  1. Observe the same standards as in public speaking.
  2. Avoid long pauses. pauses of 1-2 seconds are ok, but if periods of dead space, it’ll be worth going through your script, flesh it out more.
  3. Difficult to pronounce words like optimization, or person’s name. Practise till you’re confident before recording the podcast.
  4. Enjoy yourself! If you’re having fun, enthusiasm is infectious and comes across in your voice. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, why do it?

Probably most important skill, as presenter, ability to direct conversation. if you’re a fan of MMA (mixed martial arts), you’re the referee that watches the fighters (in which case most interviewees are doing best get point across in verbal sparring match).
need to give enough “face time” or in this case, voice time to both.

2 comments on Friday Podcast Episode 2: Podcasting – From Good to Great

  1. Fraser Edwards
    April 28, 2007 at 12:32 am (4928 days ago)

    Nice podcast Andrew – certainly lots of great advice there. I find doing show notes is very time consuming so I tend not to always provide as much detail as I should :-(

    I ‘d certainly agree that it’s worth making sure you have the outline of a script just to keep yourself on track.

    Great work! :-)

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