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Friday Podcast: Sports Affiliate Marketing With Joe Sousa

joe sousaAlthough I’ve known sports affiliate Joe Sousa for some time and have talked to him, it wasn’t until hanging out at Affiliate Summit that I got to know him better.

Joe like a quiet guy, till you become aware of the fact that he’s an affiliate marketer focused on the sports niche and does very well for himself.

Since he’s been in the affiliate marketing industry for about 10 years, it was nostalgic and interesting to have him come on the show and talk about:

  • How he got started in a SEO consultant role and got involved in affiliate marketing
  • A compare of the pay-per-sale versus the pay-per-lead business models
  • Why forced continuity affiliate programs will come under greater scrutiny in the future
  • How to get started as an SEO/content based affiliate
  • The in-your-face realities of being an affiliate marketer
  • How much you can realistically earn starting out as an SEO-based affiliate
  • Incorporating product datafeeds into your affiliate sites
  • How to break out of the rut that experienced affiliates gradually fall into
  • How to incorporate video into your marketing campaigns

Joe certainly went the distance in sharing his own experiences during the call.

Check it out below:



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Friday Podcast: ShareASale Affiliate Network Developments with Jason Rubacky

Jason RubackyAffiliate marketing veteran Jason Rubacky has moved to the ShareASale affiliate network and came on the Friday Podcast to talk about some of the business developments that are in the works at the network.

In his new role as Affiliate Development Manager, Jason will be recruiting established affiliates into the network and helping them integrate affiliate programs from SAS merchants.

Jason also talked about:

  • His intiatives to ramp up the affiliate education elements and a tutorial system he’s working on
  • Enhancements to the SAS merchant’s product datafeeds
  • Availability of new business models, such as Pay-Per-Call
  • Updates on SAS’ Think Tank invite-only workshop
  • FTP download capability for merchant coupons

Check out the podcast below:


Jason’s IM details:
AIM: jasonrubacky
MSN: jasonrubacky[at]hotmail.com
yahoo: JasonRubacky

Friday Podcast: Affiliate Marketing Via Social Networks and Video With Peter Dunbar

Peter DunbarI invited Peter Dunbar, an experienced PPC and social media affiliate on the Friday Podcast to share strategies and promotion ideas for affiliates.

Peter has been an affiliate since 2000 and has a variety of different experiences in the internet marketing/affiliate industry since then, using a variety of different strategies to generate traffic to his sites.

During his time on the podcast, he shared a number of comprehensive tips to use video hosting networks such as YouTube, Metacafe, Revver and others to generate leads for your affiliate offers.

He also shared some business management tips which he’s used to grow his own business.

Besides his role as a VIP coach for the PPC Classroom program, he consults for clients on their internet marketing strategy, and has recently launched a new training site, AffCoaches, targeted at new and experienced affiliates.

Check out the podcast below:


Friday Podcast: Affiliate Tips With Kyle Irwin

kyle irwinIf you weren’t observant, you probably wouldn’t notice Kyle Irwin, who does by the nickname “xkyleirwinx” on the WickedFire affiliate marketing forum.

As a programmer, Kyle’s approach to affiliate marketing involves a great degree of automation and he’s been able to roll out a successful campaign on MySpace’s MyAds network promoting CPA offers. The project involved the mass creation of advertiser accounts about half a year ago.

During his time on the Friday Podcast, we talked about:

  • How he got started in affiliate marketing
  • Tips on PPC strategies and how to incorporate automation in your affiliate campaigns
  • Campaign organization and an example of demographic targeting in a live campaign
  • How to manage your time effectively, especially if you’re married and have kids and how to stay in shape

Kyle gives his uncensored, in-your-face take on starting and building your affiliate business.

Check out the podcast below:


Kyle on Twitter

Friday Podcast: CPA Marketing Tips With Kris Trujillo

kris trujilloCashTactics.net’s head blogger and an experienced affiliate Kris Trujillo stopped by the Friday Podcast to give his opinion and insights into issues that affiliates might face as they work on their campaigns.

Some of the issues we discussed included:

  • Kris’ affiliate wishlist for CPA (cost-per-action/cost-per-acquisition) networks
  • His top picks of CPA networks (including the top 2 – Convert2Media and Market Leverage)
  • CPA offer databases (including CashTactic’s new branded offer database in conjunction with Offers202)
  • How to get the most out of your relationship with your affiliate manager
  • His recommendations for affiliate campaign management software (Tracking202 and Prosper202)
  • CashTactics’ plans for Affiliate Summit East
  • A teaser for his upcoming project with Ian Fernando

Check out the podcast below: