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Internet Marketing Podcasts=Priceless

There’s gold in Internet Marketing podcasts from the perspective of a listener, and if you listen closely enough, you might sometimes catch bits of invaluable information that drip off stream-of-consciousness style from the podcasts hosts or their guests.

Daron Babin’s (SE Guru) WebmasterRadio.fm is home to a ton of great content and I listen to many of the great shows there.affiliate thing

This week, Affiliate Thing, hosted by Revenue Editor-in-chief Lisa Picarille and Affliate Summit co-founder and affiliate marketing fixture Shawn Collins talked about the new podcast shows like:

and the new Shoemoney Show. (I guess Jeremy might have a little more time following the sale of AuctionAds to Media Whiz)

It was great to hear that Shawn listens to my Friday Podcast and mentioned it on the episode “The British Invasion: Affiliate Style” as well as on his blog entry “The Podcasts on my iPod“.

Besides checking out Affiliate Thing and the Shoemoney show, I also recommend new affiliate marketers to check out the “Affiliate Marketing Today” podcasts. Although the show is currently inactive, it’s worth checking out the archive for episodes hosted by Super Affiliate Jeremy Palmer. The 2004-2005 episodes hosted by ABestWeb founder Haiko de Poel are an excellent primer.

Although it might sound like I listen to many podcasts, I usually have a couple of gig on my hard disk and listen to it when I can.

I have a Nokia N73 Music Edition smart phone with about 2GB of memory on it, at the moment I’ve got John Carlton’s “Kickass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel” and Mike Litman/Matt Bacak’s “Ultimate Lifestyle Workshop” on it. The rest of the memory is taken up by video footage of my daughter, Bianca Wee.

Carsten Cumbrowski has podcast resources listed at his resource site Cumbrowski.com.

I just bought about $400 worth of used teleconferencing equipment off eBay (and had to pay about $30 in taxes when it got to Singapore), so you might hear more interesting Friday Podcasts in the near future.

In the meantime, if I had a wishlist of podcast shows, I would be interested in tuning in to the following:

  • “The Super Affiliate Show” hosted by Jeremy Palmer and Amit Mehta.
  • Pepperjam head honcho Kris Jones and his fiancee (and also Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Director) Robyn Martin in the “Mr and Mrs Jones Affiliate Show” (they’re sure to blow the socks off the Brangelina “Mr and Mrs Smith” flick)
  • “Blogging Strategies and Secrets” featuring SleepyBlogger and MyBlogLog community manager Robyn Tippins and the Blogga from Down Unda’ Yaro Starak.
  • “SEO Gurus” with webmastworld denizens Todd “Stundubl” Malicoat and Michael “Graywolf” Gray
  • “The 5Star – ShareResults” show with 5Star Affiliate president Linda Buquet and ShareResult’s tap dancer and affiliate manager Jamie Fortunaso

I realize that the last thing you’d want to do is see another “5 Podcasts I’d Like To See” meme spreading around (and I’m suffering from meme fatigue too).

Let’s restrict it to the comments and if you want to blog and trackback to here, I’ll help publicize your posts.

But what I’m most interested in is your opinion on the concepts I’ve proposed, maybe I’ll shoot Daron an email. Or if there’re shows you’d like to see (that’s not on WMR already), list it in the comments and more interestingly, why you’d think it’d work.

4 comments on Internet Marketing Podcasts=Priceless

  1. Carsten Cumbrowski
    July 31, 2007 at 2:52 pm (4808 days ago)

    And I bug you again… where is the podcast feed? :)
    That’s the mean German inside of me hehe.


    p.s. thanks for the mentioning of my resources pages to the subject.

  2. Andrew Wee
    July 31, 2007 at 7:08 pm (4808 days ago)

    One day when I have time, I will figure this podcasting feed issue, you mean German!

    No worries, at ASW we can still go for some Weiner Schnitzel (ok, I know it’s Austrian) and pork knuckle.

    Failing which, prime rib and the Bellagio buffet will do as well.

  3. Small Business on the Web
    August 5, 2007 at 9:54 am (4804 days ago)

    Although my podcast is not aimed directly at making money online through Affiliate programs, Blogging, and AdSense sites, I’d like to offer Small Business on the Web: The Internet Marketing Podcast as a possible resource to your readers/subscribers. We primarily deal with tutorials and advice on establish an effective web presence for your small business. Thank you!

    An avid reader,

    Rick Breslin
    Drive Thru Interactive

    P.S. If you need any assistance with your podcast feed, ping me at podcast (at) drivethru.us.com

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