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Tag! You’re It, MyBlogLog 2.0

Yahoo! blog community service MyBlogLog has added tagging to its arsenal of killer app features. An innovative use is the ability to tag spammer and regulate the flow of overzealous mass messaging within the service.

The new tagging feature allows you, as well as other MyBlogLog members to issue tags to your personal and community profile.

For example, someone could tag you as “SEO Expert”, making you easier to find.

As a set of common tags proliferate, I can see tagging as the basis of creating another level of connection within the community.

Here’s what MyBlogLog founder Eric Marcoullier’s tagging profile looks like:

tagging mybloglog

I created a fictious “mamalemon” tag on my personal profile and entered that keyword into the MyBlogLog search engine. It didn’t find my profile (it reported zero results).

Would tags show up in the MBL search results?

I’d think it makes for a more intutive and engaging experience for users.

Perhaps the tags don’t update in real time. Maybe MBL’s Robyn Tippins or Eric Marcoullier could shed some insight on this.

MyBlogLog’s Tagging Anti-Spam Features

Along with the ability to better organize your friends (especially when you get above 200 contacts), is the ability to label people with the schmoe tag.

The schmoe (social media optimizer) tag may be deleted by the user, but will still show up in MBL’s logs. And Eric has mentioned they’d take appropriate action.

Are You Hot or Not?

Additionally, the inclusion of a “Hot Members” tag (sounds vaguely suggestive…maybe MBL might like to of a different term?) is the equivalent of a social community popularity contest.

Will the best bloggers win?

Maybe. Maybe not, but I’m fairly certain that an attractive avatar will give you a leg-up in the competition stakes.

MBL has certainly taken steps to bump up their service development efforts and it’s be interesting to see if they look into incorporating trust or reputation ratings into their system.

If they do, MBL could be a stepping stone towards a personal commerce platform, especially if there’re plans to link the service up to Yahoo! shopping or other Yahoo! transaction related sites in the near future.

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington mentions:

“MyBlogLog continues to expand. Marcoullier says they are tracking 100 million monthly visitors to sites that have the MyBlogLog widget, and have 140,000 registered users. Just recently, he said, more people without blogs (readers only) started registering than users with blogs.”

That’s certainly a lot of unique visitors which could be converted into customers.

Will MBL take the next big step to go beyond just social interactions into financial ones?

It would make for an interesting development and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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4 comments on Tag! You’re It, MyBlogLog 2.0

  1. Amit
    June 5, 2007 at 10:41 pm (4931 days ago)

    Even i had tried to tag myself and then search for that particular tab. The result was the same – zero. MBL should integrate tag searching! That might make it much easier to search for people!

  2. Ian Kennedy
    June 6, 2007 at 2:38 pm (4930 days ago)

    Hi Andrew,

    We were so excited to get the tagging feature out that we decided to leave the search for later when there’s more tags in there to search and we had bigger corpus of data to index so we could test it properly.

    We’ll be sure to post something on the MyBlogLog Blog when we add tags to the search results.

    Ian Kennedy
    MyBlogLog Product Manager

  3. Andrew Wee
    June 6, 2007 at 2:42 pm (4930 days ago)

    Hi Ian,
    Thanks for the update.

    I heard from Robyn that the tag search feature will be available in a matter of weeks, so that’ll be a good development to tie into the social nature of the widget.

    Great work.

  4. Brian Free
    June 10, 2007 at 3:14 am (4927 days ago)

    I love the new addition of the tags, MyBlogLog is a great place for Bloggers to unite. Their tools are great as well, as I have a couple of their widgets embedded into my blog

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