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Friday Podcast: eBay Power Seller Strategies With CJ Caccam

CJ CaccamI met CJ Caccam over the Facebook social networks a couple of months ago where we’re active on a number of the FB applications.

CJ’s known as “the eBay” guy and after some research, I discovered he’s the top merchant/seller in his category, bathroom vanities.

Gathering nearly 5,000 feedback, CJ’s company Silkroad Exclusive has sold a couple of million dollars worth of products according to my estimate.

In our discussion, we talked about:

  • How CJ got started as one of the earlier merchants on eBay
  • His pricing and business model
  • How to market effectively on eBay and close the sale
  • Using the bidding format and “Buy It Now” auction formats effectively
  • Strategies on getting started as an eBay seller

Check out the podcast below: