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Internet Marketers, Should You Upgrade to WordPress 2.5 Now?

If you’ve been following the developments on the WordPress blog, you’d know that the new official release of WordPress 2.5 is out.

Besides better image handling – the new version has a pretty comprehensive built-in gallery (WordPress head developer honcho Matt Mullenweg did a preview screencast of the new gallery), it also has features like an enhanced in-built tagging feature, integrated analytics (so you get a better idea of your traffic picture without having to go to Google Analytics), a redesign of the user interface that should allow for more intuitive posting.

What’s uncertain is if embedding videos and other code requires having to muck around with the blog settings, because WordPress hasn’t really “played nice” with PHP, javascript and flash files in it’s previous incarnations.

Also, there’s a big question mark about the compatibility with WordPress plugins (generally developed by third party and independent developers) designed for earlier versions of WordPress.


So the $64,000 question (or perhaps in today’s context, the $1million question…) is (more…)

How Much Money Do You Make From Blogging?

I was talking to PPC Super Affiliate Amit Mehta about our Internet Marketing efforts yesterday and the topic of how much income my blogging generates came up.

On a conservative basis, I’d say that monetization from my blogging alone amounts to somewhere in the mid to higher 4 figure range per month.

Which is a pittance compared to some of the “Super Bloggers” out there.

There’s a lot of talk these days about how much the top bloggers make, especially in the light of Business Week’s “Bloggers Bring In The Big Bucks” story.

business week top bloggers

Although I know Darren Rowse and Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker and visit Mario Lavandeira’s PerezHilton and Pete Cashmore’s Mashable, the names on the list were alien to me.

It’s a testament that blogging is an open field and you pick your niche and can do well with it.

But if you’re clued in to the power of blogging, you’d realize that the payoff from blogging comes outside of blogging.

If you listened in to the episode of the Net Income radio show where Shoemoney had Matt Mullenweg, part of the team which developed the WordPress blogging platform, the real money comes as a result of having blogged, rather than because of blogging.

If you missed that episode of Net Income, you can check it out:

As an example, Darren Rowse is a founder of the B5Media blog network, which receive venture funding earlier this year and Shoemoney’s income also comes from promoting CPA offers and developing AuctionAds with partner-in-crime Dave Dellanave AKA Dillsmack. AuctionAds was recently acquired by Media Whiz for an undisclosed sum.

Personally, blogging is a platform to (more…)

WordPress 2.0.6 Released – Patch Security Bugs

WordPress Development Team member Matt Mullenweg announced that WordPress 2.0.6 has been released. If you do visit his blog at photomatt.com, do note that he’s currently posted photo montages of Shinjuku cosplayers (which will eat up your bandwidth like nobody’s business if you’re still hit by the Taiwan Earthquake bandwidth bottleneck).

Significant in this WordPress release is a patch for a security hole. Though I think the security issue was blown out of proportion (more…)

Kick your blogging up a notch with the Tiger

There are wordpress plug-ins and then there are wordpress plug-ins.

And sometimes if you’re lucky, you encounter wordpress plug-ins!

Some plug-ins are kinda funky, like Hello Dolly! from Matt Mullenweg (aka Photo Matt) founding developer of WordPress. Matt also holds the distinction of being the #1 most important Matt in the world (according to google).

What does Hello Dolly do? For the non-Wordpress initiaited: It’s not just a plugin! It symbolizes the hope and enthusiasm of an entire generation summed up in two words sung most famously by Louis Armstrong: Hello, Dolly.

The effect?: When activated you will randomly see a lyric from Hello, Dolly in the upper right of your admin screen on every page.

Interesting plug-in. A bit lacking in the purely functional department, but otherwise good for your soul.

Then you have other plug-ins which help you do useful stuff, like link related posts, insert tags that help you get your blog found more easily (and hopefully bring more traffic).

I had a moment of ooh-ahh, when I chanced upon this plug-in while surfing the net earlier.