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MyBlogLog On the Spam Trail

I was somewhat happy (in a perverse way) when I saw this message in my MyBlogLog message center. It read:

I am the granddaughter of the General Abirudhdklf and recently $20 million has come into my possession

A-ha! Had the MyBlogLog guardians fallen asleep?

Granted it’d fallen into my “Messages from Everyone” box (which is less filtered than regular messages).

And I’d been about to highlight this infiltrator which had slipped through the spam detection cracks when I noticed that the message has mysterious vanished when I checked the account.

I believe the profile has been deleted.

So kudos to Eric and the MyBlogLog development team.

I wonder though, clicking on the “Report Spam” button to report a spamming MyBlogLog user results in a “mailto:” command which pulls up your email client to send an email to MyBlogLog’s customer service. (more…)