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Internet Marketing Elite Retreat launched

Elite Retreat was formally launched on Shoemoney’s Net Income radio show this morning.

Here’s the launch banner:

Elite Retreat

Here’s the site: EliteRetreat.info

Shoemoney mentions on his post: Elite Retreat December 18-19 San Antonio

This is a really new and interesting style of conference. This is open to a very select group of people who maybe feel like they are on the verge of something big within their company but just need a little help to get over the edge. (more…)

Blogging tips from PlanetAndrea.com

Blogger and Internet Marketer Andrea Schoemaker is helping to generate the content today.

I managed to secure an interview with her and she shared some blogging tips.

In case, you aren’t already familiar with Andrea.

Here’s a pic:

Shoemoney and PlanetAndrea

Internet Siblings: Shoemoney (Jeremy Schoemaker) and PlanetAndrea (Andrea Schoemaker)

Are you ready to enter the world of PlanetAndrea? (more…)

Pick Shoemoney’s brain

Are you an Internet Marketer?

Are you happy with your adsense earnings?

Need some inspiration?

How about:

Shoemoney check
Shoemoney “Skills to pay the bills”

In case you have difficulty reading the check, it’s issued by Google and is an adsense check for the amount of $132,994.97 issued in the month of September 2005.

Shoemoney (aka Jeremy Schoemaker) helpfully points out:

This was the bigest paper check I have ever received. It was way back in August of 2005 and since I have moved to wire transfers so dont look for anything bigger from me.



Encountering Planet Andrea

Planet AndreaI just had a fun chat with Andrea Schoemaker, who’s the founder of Planet Andrea (her blog is currently under maintenance and will be up soon).

I’d talked to her a couple of times on Shoemoney’s forums and she’s a really cool gal.

She mentioned that there’s something interesting upcoming in December.

Although the details haven’t been announced yet.

I’m seriously thinking of heading over to the US for this event. (more…)