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$25,000 Worth Of Prizes In Earner’s Forum – Webmaster-Talk Merger Contest

In case you’re wondering, I believe this contest is open to international participants.

In the last contest, Lee organized, I won an iPod Touch, $250 from CPA Network NeverBlueAds, and a bunch of other prizes in Lee Dodd’s last Earner’s Forum contest.

About a month ago, it was announced that Webmaster Talk and Earner’s Forum were merging, forming one of the largest webmaster forums (as of today, it has 57,000 registered members).

There’re a number of cool features like the publication of your blog’s RSS feed (similar to what forums like DigitalPoint currently offer) as well as Ad Revenue share (through Google AdSense).

I think everyone will be most interested in the prizes…

forum contest

They include:

  • A beautiful new Macbook Air laptop from ClickBooth valued at $1,800
  • A Copy of Interspire Shopping Cart (Professional Edition) valued at $995
  • $500 cash in a Max Bounty affiliate network account
  • Another $500 in the form of a Text Link Ads gift certificate
  • Another Apple product, the iPod Touch from Rocket Profit
  • Another $250 cash in a Pepperjam Network account
  • Custom T-shirts printed for your headline website from Ndesigns. 24 Custom Printed Shirts (color T’s, 3-4 color printing, one-sided).
  • The hottest new camera for blogging, The Flip, is provided by Advaliant
  • Speaking of blogs, the MOST AMAZING paid theme ever is now yours from Revolution Theme and it isn’t just one, but the complete multi-pack!
  • To help you relax that hard working brain of yours, we close the package out with a Nintendo DS Lite from RevResponse!
  • 3 Free months of Aaron Wall’s SEO Training can only be good for business!

Contest winners are determined by (more…)

Ruthless For The People Reloaded…

One of the pleasures I enjoy is sharing some of the techniques I’ve experimented and refined in the art of Internet Marketing. So Lee Dodd’s “Webmasters Inspiration Month” competition was a fun exercise.

Check out my entry in their Blogging segment: “Ruthless For the People…A Blog Story” and see if it brings your blogging efforts up a notch.

If you enjoyed it, I’d appreciate your support.

You can:

back it

The competition ends on Oct 31st, so your support is appreciated…

Thanks in advance!

$5,500 In Prizes To Be Given Away In Webmaster Contest

If you’ve been in Internet Marketing for some time, you would’ve heard of forum specialist Lee Dodd and his Cruise Line Fans forum. A number of his forums are generating income in the region of $xx,xxx and you can read his story at his “My love of forums” post.

Lee also happens to be doing a promo for his Earners Forum site, targeted at Internet Marketers, with a “Webmaster Inspiration Month” contest. To sweeten the pot, there’s $5,500 worth of prizes at stake, including a iPod Touch, cash prizes and other assorted goodies.

There’s about 7 contests within the competition, each with a distinct winner, so you could submit a blogging-related entry, a forum-related one, affiliate marketing, SEO, or a rags-to-riches one.

Each prize package includes:

  • $250 worth of Text Link Ads
  • $250 CASH from NeverBlueAds
  • 24 T-Shirts to promote your blog or site

Regardless of whether you (more…)

Why You Should Invest to Enhance Your Internet Marketing Proficiency

Since it’s launch, Elite Retreat has evoked a firestorm of debate among online marketers.

Attendees from the first ER paid $4,500 per head to attend the exclusive event.

The upcoming second ER to be held on 19 and 20th March in San Francisco is raising some hackles with its $4,950 price tag.

elite retreat

elite retreat

I’ve often heard the question on the forums and a number of Internet Marketers have been asking me this question:

Is it too much?

And often I hear the gripe that (more…)

$4,850 Elite Retreat Ticket Up For Grabs

Talk about a compelling offer.

I was checking out Shoemoney’s post “Elite Retreat Ticket For One Lucky Winner” .

Elite Retreat contest

Blogging Guru Dave Taylor, SEO Specialist Aaron Wall, Forum and Communities Specialist Lee Dodd, Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker, Dave Taylor again!

Forum Guru Lee Dodd has posted at his ForumTrends blog that the 4 gurus: Shoemoney, Dave Taylor, Aaron Wall and Lee have decided to put up one ticket for the event (valued at $4,850 by the way).

Just head over to Lee’s blog, read the instructions and best of luck!

The deadline’s Dec 11th, noon CST. There’s a couple of hours to go.

I’d have loved to try for the contest, though the event clashes with a family holiday.

Ah, well, maybe next time.

If you do enter the contest, and win, post a comment!

Elite Retreat Update

Andrea SchoemakerAndrea Schoemaker (PlanetAndrea) tells me there are about 15 places left for this ground breaking event.

Here’s an update from Andrea:

We’ve got our publicity machines out in full force, and have received lots of encouraging response.

A lot of people who have expressed interest are worried that they might not be advanced enough to attend. We are targeting everyone from newbies to high status sites.

We will also be promoting the Elite Retreat at Chicago SES in December and be able to answer any last minute questions people might have there as well.

We’ve received so much support throughout the industry for this event and looking forward to the event.

Facilitators at the event include Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney), Dave Taylor, Aaron Wall and Lee Dodd.

Check out: Elite Retreat information page.