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Kickstart Your Blogging Business and Make Big Money: 7 Reality Checks

[This post is my entry for Darren Rowse's ProBlogger Group Writing Project - Reviews and Predictions]

2006 was an interesting time for me as I plunged into Internet Marketing.

Although I didn’t have a clear idea in the beginning, it was very clear that the path of least resistance would be to go with blogging.

In the course of the last 5 months, I’ve had a series of interesting experiences and the questions I’ve dealt with appear to be common with all new bloggers, whether the questions originate from a blog, a forum, a blog network or a social networking site.

Here’s 2006 in retrospective in a FAQ format with money making tips and 7 Reality Checks for bloggers and internet marketers.
Blogging is Evil

  • Blogging Reality Check 1: Making Money from Blogging is Evil

I’m not sure of the intent of this often heard objection.

I guess some might have ‘pure/purist intentions’ and expect that blogging is some form of ‘cathartic release’ for heavy/philosophical/ponderous thinking.

I see blogging as a form of personal journalism. And (more…)

$4,850 Elite Retreat Ticket Up For Grabs

Talk about a compelling offer.

I was checking out Shoemoney’s post “Elite Retreat Ticket For One Lucky Winner” .

Elite Retreat contest

Blogging Guru Dave Taylor, SEO Specialist Aaron Wall, Forum and Communities Specialist Lee Dodd, Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker, Dave Taylor again!

Forum Guru Lee Dodd has posted at his ForumTrends blog that the 4 gurus: Shoemoney, Dave Taylor, Aaron Wall and Lee have decided to put up one ticket for the event (valued at $4,850 by the way).

Just head over to Lee’s blog, read the instructions and best of luck!

The deadline’s Dec 11th, noon CST. There’s a couple of hours to go.

I’d have loved to try for the contest, though the event clashes with a family holiday.

Ah, well, maybe next time.

If you do enter the contest, and win, post a comment!

Traffic Generation Strategies Simplified

I got an enquiry from Adam Wong, who has a successful blog at adam-wong.com.

Adam’s known for helping my buddy, millionaire entrepreneur Adam Khoo, launch his Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires product.

Take a look at this:

Adam Wong

Adam Wong clocked $9,000 in 2 weeks through his internet marketing efforts. Although I believe it’s a revenue figure, the net profit would be close to that because it’s Adam Khoo’s digital product at: Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires.

I was talking to Adam Wong the other night and he was asking about traffic generation strategies. (more…)

Elite Retreat Update

Andrea SchoemakerAndrea Schoemaker (PlanetAndrea) tells me there are about 15 places left for this ground breaking event.

Here’s an update from Andrea:

We’ve got our publicity machines out in full force, and have received lots of encouraging response.

A lot of people who have expressed interest are worried that they might not be advanced enough to attend. We are targeting everyone from newbies to high status sites.

We will also be promoting the Elite Retreat at Chicago SES in December and be able to answer any last minute questions people might have there as well.

We’ve received so much support throughout the industry for this event and looking forward to the event.

Facilitators at the event include Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney), Dave Taylor, Aaron Wall and Lee Dodd.

Check out: Elite Retreat information page.