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Battle and Beat Up Other Blogs and Build Traffic

I confess to having a latent violent streak in me.

That’s why you sometimes see me including phrases like ‘Kill the Competition’, ‘Slaughter the other Affiliates’ and ‘See their marketing campaigns crash and burn’.

I understand that Type A personalities have this particular drive to dominate and crush all competitors.

To quote Star Trek’s Borg Collective: “Resistance is Futile”.

I guess that’s why Blog Directory/Community Blog Explosion has their Battle of the Blogs section.

Battle of the Blogs

The rules are simple:

  • Members can set up a new challenge then waits until another BlogExplosion member accepts their challenge. Members can wager anywhere from 25-200 credits on a challenge
  • Once a challenge has been accepted 15 other members vote for both blogs. The person with the most votes wins the challenge and gets 70% of the total credits wagered. The 15 members who have voted on who is the best blog splits the remaining 30% of the total credits wagered. Spend some time on each blog and vote for the best blog!

So the process of going through the Battle ensures you have at least 15 uniques landing on your page for each challenge you participate in.

That potentially means you have 15 new opt-ins or prospects, depending on how you structure the blog.

The credit system is a measure of traffic.

Each credit can be used for various activties which in turn can give you more credits allowing you to generate more traffic.

Credits also can be bought, although it’s more fun to earn them.

Voting in a blog battle also earns you credits.

A typical battle will look like this:

Battle of the Blogs

After a survivor-style voting process, a winner is declared and the credits divided according to the rules.

And if the outcome is in your favor:

Battle of the Blogs

Besides merely generating credits, consider for a moment the possibilities for:

  • A contextual advertising campaign (especially if the ads are well-blended)
  • Affiliate marketing if you target the demographic correctly
  • Building your list

How you determine the best use for the 15 unique visitors is up to you.

If you haven’t got an account yet, sign up now:

–> Blog Explosion

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