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Allen Says’ MyWarriorNetwork Launched

I got an email from fellow Internet Marketer Steven Wong with an invitation to join the My Warrior Network.


If you’re familiar with the Warrior Forum, a credible source of Internet Marketing information and the brainchild of IM guru Allen Says, Warrior Network seems to be a brand extension of that.

Although the marketing material states the benefits include:

  • Find someone you know who works for a particular company or in a certain industry
  • Find old friends and work colleagues
  • Buy and sell products and services or get advice and recommendations
  • Get credible introductions to decision makers through your new contacts
  • Publicize and find forthcoming Business and Social Events
  • Get referrals for new jobs or hard to find staff

I doubt there might be too much B2B or traditional brick-and-mortar business matchmaking there.

But I feel it’ll be a great community building site for those active or new to the warriors forum.

What’s likely to happen is that it’ll provide great opporunities for interactions and potential JVs among Warrior Forum participants.
Andrew Wee

I created my profile in about 10 minutes and it feels similar to Friendster or MySpace, but with a more internet marketing slant (and goodness knows how much dreck I’ve in my MySpace network).

I’ve inserted an audio clip into my MyWarriorsNetwork profile too.

Like the other community sites, you have a friends profile:

Andrew Wee friends

Besides Allen Says and Steven Wong, my other friends include musician Justin, Michelle social marketing specialist Michelle MacPhearson (creator of MySpace software Badder Adder) and software specialist Frank Bauer.
I have a strange feeling my network of friends will expand after this post is published.

Another interesting feature is the clubs:


I got into the mix and started a ‘blogging’ club. (Got to love the first mover advantage).

And grabbed a pretty sweet sub-directory: http://www.mywarriornetwork.com/clubs/blogging which will be nice for organic SEO.

Here’s my profile: Andrew Wee MyWarriorNetwork profile.

Have you joined?

Drop me a comment.

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