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Viral Video Marketing for Traffic Generation

If you’ve been a regular visitor to YouTube and Google Video, you’d notice a greater amount of marketing and business-related videos appearing.

I’ve put some of these business-themed ones (specifically related to Internet Marketing and business building) at my Digital Keiretsu forum.

Kineda Vodcasts

Kineda.com vodcast host: Tami Andres (link: Kineda vodcasts)

I see blogging going beyond it’s text form as streaming audio and video (AKA podcasting and vblogging) become more mainstream.

These technologies have already been around for some time and we’re seeing more widespread adoption of them. It’ll only be a matter of time (I’m thinking 2-3 years) before they become the dominant medium.

Some obstacles:

  • Internet Bandwidth: Although cable modems and DSL technology could provide speeds of about 10 mbps, this is still somewhat of a bottleneck because you might get the full speed to your internet service provider, but congestion on the intagible internet, especially during peak hours, brings YouTube video streaming to a screaming crawl in the evenings.
  • Lack of Quality Content: Yes, there’re probably hundreds of millions of videos out there. The problem is that 99% of them are junk. Given that that leaves at least a million good videos out there, you’d have to sift through the electronic haystack to find a gem. Hence, video content aggregators and video search intelligence could be possible business models. Failing which, come visit DK’s video section!
  • Lack of Technical Expertise: This is the major limitation at this time. Lots of the Internet Marketing big guns are still doing text blogging, with selected podcasting. I think there’s scope for new IMers to establish themselves in the new media space. Terry Ng from Kineda (blog post: Kicking it with Kineda vodcasts) puts out a series of vodcasts out, though I understand there’s a challenging in pushing out content on a weekly basis.

If you’re considering vodcasting as a marketing medium, it could bring you a torrent of traffic.

Google Video BoxWhich is why I especially like the Google Video Gold product that Louis Burleson just launched a couple of hours ago.

It’s targeted at both newbies and intermediate level Internet Marketers.

Here’re the contents (couldn’t fit it all, so there’s a little cropped off).

Google Video Gold

I skipped through the beginning videos and went straight to the ‘Insider Secret’.

In this section, a technique to get your videos to appear easily in searches is covered.

They review a prominent internet marketers videos and find that they aren’t using the technique. Although the video was shot earlier this year, I just went to Google Video a short while ago and was a little surprised that they still aren’t using the technique.

So I think if you’re a newer Internet Marketer, this is a good opportunity to check out ways to use video to help you establish a foothold.

You can check out the product here:

–> Louis Burleson Google Video Gold

PS: Like the rest of Louis’ products, investing in the product entitles you to sign up for his affiliate program, which gives you 100% affiliate commissions. (and it’s on a timed-pricing mechanism, so the price increases with time)
–> Louis Burleson Google Video Gold

3 comments on Viral Video Marketing for Traffic Generation

  1. Andrew
    April 20, 2007 at 2:00 am (4978 days ago)

    Hi Andrew,

    I agree, the future is definitely heading towards video becoming the dominant medium. Whether that’s YouTube adverts and virals, or commenting on existing content – which I was I’m enjoying at the moment with all the great content out there. LIke you say though, it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack to sort the good from the bad.

    Your comment “It’ll only be a matter of time (I’m thinking 2-3 years) before they become the dominant medium” seems to make sense also. But I wouldn’t write off text just yet as people still like to read. After all, TV didn’t kill off the newspaper.

  2. Andrew Wee
    April 20, 2007 at 6:04 am (4978 days ago)

    The problem is that a lot of people treat video like they do the newspaper.

    Obviously, you won’t have much success.

    Once you treat text blogging, podcasting, vlogging as their own separate media, you’ll experience phenomenal success.

  3. Charissa
    October 22, 2013 at 4:50 am (2601 days ago)

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    thanks admin of this website.

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