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YouTube Video + Word-Of-Mouth Marketing = A Flood of Traffic

I was hanging out at an internet chatroom listening to the latest buzz on the internet and the name “Magibon” came up.

Like iJustine (aka Justine Ezarik), Magibon is a young American woman whose videos on YouTube have generated quite a bit of interest, especially in Japan.

Here’s one of them:


With 3.3 million views, it’s a little difficult to fathom the appeal where a young girl looks back at you for all of 30 seconds to about 4 minutes.

BUT the fact is that some of her videos have garnered between 1 million to 3 million views, she’s also appeared in a recent issue of Japan’s Playboy magazine (a non-nude pictorial) and been featured on a Japanese internet TV station GYAO.

You can check out Magibon’s wikipedia entry.

I think her appeal has to do with the fact that she looks like a Japanese schoolgirl or anime character (maybe both), and appeals to the techie/net-savvy/Japanese manga-anime reading/watching audience.

And she’s a partner of the YouTube partner program too.

What do we learn from this?

The fact that she’s being discussed in internet chatrooms suggests that rich media beyond text is being actively discussed in chatrooms. Subtle content is hammering its way onto YouTube viewers (especially in the tween/teen demographic), more so than overt content-based ads.

Is Magibon being sponsored by a skin whitening or skincare company? If not, it’ll just be a matter of time.

Video literally gives “face time” to everyday spokespersons (think of the Benetton or Dove print ads given the video treatment).

One way innovative marketers have bounced off the successful platform of video broadcasters like Magibon has been to create followup video responses to popular videos.

Check out “Timothy DeLaGhetto’s” “date” with Magibon.


4 comments on YouTube Video + Word-Of-Mouth Marketing = A Flood of Traffic

  1. Reena
    June 24, 2008 at 5:50 pm (4511 days ago)

    Landed from twitter. Nice post on Magibon. I never heard of her name before. But, it is a good concept of marketing. I have learned something new and unique today. Thanks for the post.

  2. Kevin Riley
    June 24, 2008 at 6:06 pm (4511 days ago)


    I’m sure it’s those large Bambi eyes of hers and the way she uses them to maximum effect. She definitely has the Anime look down pat, and she’s also going for the innocently cute look. It’s the kind of combination that appeals to a large male audience.

  3. Glen Allsopp
    June 24, 2008 at 6:20 pm (4511 days ago)

    I literally cannot believe that this girl has became so popular, wow

  4. Kevin
    June 25, 2008 at 5:38 am (4511 days ago)

    I’ve actually been on dates like that ;)

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