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PepperJam’s Kris Jones Dishes Out Super Affiliate Marketing Tips

I had a blast at Affiliate Summit West this past January (though it seems like a year ago…) and besides meeting up with luminaries like Shoemoney, Scott Jangro, Shawn Collins, the enigmatic e-book “crusade” Jon F of WickedFire, PlanetAndrea, a major highlight was meeting PepperJam head honcho Kris Jones in the flesh.

kris jones and andrew wee

PepperJam head honcho Kris Jones and Andrew Wee at Affiliate Summit West, Jan 2007

If you’ve been reading the PepperJamBlog for any length of time, you’d discover a treasure trove of information and can bump up your Internet Marketing efforts.

In his latest post “Affiliate Marketing – Thinking Outside the Box“, Kris dishes out the dirt on how he recently executed a campaign grossing $30,000 in sales, netting $15,000 in profit. And while some Super Affiliates may net six or seven figures in income per month, consider that Kris spent 15 minutes setting up this campaign.

So Kris has made a killing off UGG Boots.

How would he further enhance his efforts?

Using a psychographic approach to define the profile of the customers, perhaps they’re outdoor adventurers.

I’m sure most of them would need socks to go with that. Perhaps a speciality padded sock which minimizes Achilles heel injuries. If they love the great outdoors, they might be looking for a quality compass, or what about a set of walkie talkies?

If they’re buying the boots for winter use, would something like the Oakley Razor Blades be a complimentary product? Or a stylish Thinsulate clothing accessory or jacket?

By profiling your customer base and crossselling and upselling related items to them, you can effectively double and triple your profile, with ZERO acquisition cost (you’re already ‘acquired’ and pre-qualified them with their first purchase).

If you do a survey and collect their preferences, you can get the basis to develop an information product, which address their questions with pinpoint accuracy.

Perhaps boots aren’t your thing?

It’s an easy matter to use a tool like Google Trends to scope out trend hotspots and prepare your campaign to monetize the trend easily.

google trends ugg boots

If nothing else, focusing on the core business basics will keep you very comfortable and if you’re look for inspiration for your next campaign, check out Jo Han Mok’s Internet Millionaire Code.

7 comments on PepperJam’s Kris Jones Dishes Out Super Affiliate Marketing Tips

  1. Stephan Miller
    August 27, 2007 at 10:27 pm (4940 days ago)

    I was wondering about using Google trends this way. Having ad campaigns already prepped and ready, then releasing them right before the storm.

    Great Post.

  2. Hans
    March 12, 2008 at 12:39 pm (4743 days ago)

    Interesting posts form almost a year ago. 15 minutes to set up a campaign is simply amazing but the guts to see it through is more.

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