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Calling All Singapore Internet Marketers and eBay Auction Specialists…

…If you haven’t heard the news, you need to read this post.

The second installment of Jo Han Mok and Matt Bacak’s Internet Millionaire Incubator hits Singapore this Friday.

It’s a 3-day event with some of the top Internet Marketers giving you their strategies and tips to succeed online.

In particular, these 2 guys alone are worth the ticket price:

adam ginsburg kirt christensen

eBay Specialist Adam Ginsburg and Internet Marketing guru Kirt Christensen

Adam Ginsburg: I travelled to Atlanta, Georgie earlier this year to listen to Adam speak and I’d rank him among the top 3 eBay experts around. He talked about how he’s sold $20 million worth of pianos on eBay and has now moved on to flipping properties (houses and buildings) on eBay.

Additionally he had one of his students who enrolled in his program a year ago, a single mother with 4 kids, talk about how she now generates more than $10,000 a month from her eBay business.

Adam has also appeared in master marketer Dan Kennedy’s programs, together with the likes of Yanik Silver, Bill Glazer and John Carlton.

This is the perfect opportunity to (more…)

Jo Han Mok’s Workshop and the Ultimate Goals Meme

It’s 1030am and on the sidelines of Jo Han Mok’s Warp Speed Internet Marketing workshop:

jo han mok warp speed internet marketing workshop

I was looking through my blog and got tagged by Dawud Miracle for the Goal Setting meme originally started by Alex Shalman and have gone through eMom Wendy Piersall (winner of the recent Elite Retreat ticket)

Having taught life skills and goal setting specifically, I’ve noticed that many don’t include the following criteria: goals have to be:

  • Specific: Include a measurement, so you’ll know when you’ve achieved it (a net worth of $x million, rather than merely “really rich!”)
  • Time Specific: You need a timeframe. Theoretically we could all be millionaires, even if we’re earning just $1,000 a month. The problem is that at that rate, you might need to work till 305 years to achieve it. So goals don’t mean much without the time factor.
  • Realistic: I use a “reality check” factor. If you’re a complete computer idiot, and you’re gunning for $1 million in your first year in Internet Marketing and you can spend 30 minutes a week on this. You might get slammed hard against the wall when you meet Mr Reality.

There’re other criteria too, but I’ll spare you the gory details.

So here’re my goals: (more…)

PepperJam’s Kris Jones Dishes Out Super Affiliate Marketing Tips

I had a blast at Affiliate Summit West this past January (though it seems like a year ago…) and besides meeting up with luminaries like Shoemoney, Scott Jangro, Shawn Collins, the enigmatic e-book “crusade” Jon F of WickedFire, PlanetAndrea, a major highlight was meeting PepperJam head honcho Kris Jones in the flesh.

kris jones and andrew wee

PepperJam head honcho Kris Jones and Andrew Wee at Affiliate Summit West, Jan 2007

If you’ve been reading the PepperJamBlog for any length of time, you’d discover a treasure trove of information and can bump up your Internet Marketing efforts.

In his latest post “Affiliate Marketing – Thinking Outside the Box“, Kris dishes out the dirt on how he recently executed a campaign grossing $30,000 in sales, netting $15,000 in profit. And while some Super Affiliates may net six or seven figures in income per month, consider that Kris spent 15 minutes setting up this campaign.

So Kris has made a killing off UGG Boots.

How would he further enhance his efforts? (more…)

Meet Up And Make Warp Speed Internet Wealth With Jo Han Mok

Dear Frustrated Member of the “Yet to Make Big Bucks Online” club,

Help is at hand.

If you’ve been struggling to make money online, and have yet to see your first check arrive in your mailbox.

Or if you have collected a check that is nowhere near “Day Job Killer” category, you really owe it to yourself to bone up your game and move closer to the big leagues.

You might’ve read some of my previous posts about Internet Marketing Maestro Jo Han Mok. In case you missed them, check out:

Following the recent success of our group consultation “The Blood and Guts of Social Traffic and Generating A Torrent of Traffic“, Jo Han has put together a new workshop, “Warp Speed Internet Wealth” which will showcases successful Internet Marketing models and he’ll also relate some of his experiences on the path to Internet Marketing success.

To give you a taste of Jo Han’s typical day:

I’ve seen Jo Han step into his office late in the afternoon and the first thing he does is walk into the gym and work out, or go swim for an hour or so.

jo han mok party 28th

Jo Han at his recent 28th Birthday Party celebration

Then he sit down and works for about an hour. Then he (more…)

Is This the End of WhoIsAndrewWee.com?

I’ve received email from a reader asking:

“You’re not updating your blog as regularly as you used to. Sometimes you skip entire days.

Are you giving up blogging?

What happened?

Please continue blogging, I enjoy your style and your (sic) explain things in a way I understand easily”

I appreciate getting emails, especially when concerned readers write in.

It is true that I am not blogging as regularly as I have been. I don’t see anything ending anytime soon.

The truth is I’ve been working on a very interesting project over the past month, which will culminate in an interesting session this weekend.

I’ve been hanging out with this dude:


That’s me on the left with Internet Marketing guru, Jo Han Mok

Jo Han’s one of the best minds around when it comes to product creation/development, copywriting and traffic generation and he has been in the Internet Marketing game for some time.

If you haven’t already checked out (more…)

Mainstream Internet Marketing Gurus Promoting Porn, Pills and Poker?

I was shocked, dumbfounded and aghast when I saw this top Internet Marketer doing what seemed to be promotion of hardcore pornography, “sex enhancement” pills and gambling on their personal blog.

Had something happened?

I have been reading some of their emails, visiting their site regularly and have even bought a number of their products.

Had they moved to the “dark side”?

I looked at my screen again:


And even (more…)